Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seeing Double

December 2009 - Double Vision & Dr. Boeke Visit

For the last month and a half or so Ed and I noticed that whenever Oliver looked at something, he would tuck his chin into his chest and kind of look up through his eyebrows. Whenever we asked him about this, he would just laugh it off, but when Ed was off work after I had Finn, one day Ed called Ollie over to him and told him to look directly at Ed. When Oliver did this, Ed noticed that one of his eyes floated in toward his nose. Oliver then said that he saw two couches. Ed called our eye doctor here in town and got Oliver in to see him two days later. Dr. Stephen Boeke had thought that it may be Fourth Nerve Palsy, but he wasn't sure so he referred us to a double vision specialist, Dr. Donny Suh, in Marshalltown at the Wolfe Eye Clinic.

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