Friday, February 10, 2012

Today, you were far away...

Stacy has told me I should post to this blog and so I here "entrude". Today has been a day where "tough" is abject nugatority (yeah, I probably made that word up). I have often thought upon the irony of my name: E-D. The following verse has been running through my mind the last few hours:

"Tonight you just close your eyes
and I just watch you
slip away

How close am I to losing you?"

I don't mean this to be a melodramatic post...I need it to be a post of supreme gratitude. Please be aware that I believe in the axiom that God does notice us...that He does watch over us, and that it is usually through another person that he meets those needs: therefore it is vital that we serve each other. There has been an outpouring of this facticity so pervasive in my life...especially in the last two years that I am literally overwhelmed by it. There is no possible way I could thank each and everyone of you for all that you do for my family; and with that realization I have to trust the God who knows what the left hand doeth (even if the right hand sits in the dark) to reward openly, knowing it will be far better then anything I could do. Please be aware of my gratitude and my love for you all. I am contended that charity suffereth long and seeketh not her own...


Eric and Cindy Hansen said...

You don't know me, but my son Atticus was diagnosed with DIPG about a month ago. I have been reading your blog and I just want to tell you that we are praying for you. Oliver is a special boy. I can see it in his eyes, in his smile, and in his personality that comes through in your posts. As a DIPG dad, I have been reading alot of DIPG blogs the past few days. For some reason, I am drawn to yours and check daily on Oliver's progress. As someone who has also had to listen to a doctor tell me that I would slowly lose my son, I can tell you that I am grieving for you. The human language is wholly inadequate to tell you how I feel, but all I can say is hang in there, God loves you, and if you ever need to talk to another DIPG family, please don't hesitate to contact us through our blog.

Eric Hansen

Joann Delgardio said...

Although I do not know you or Ollie or your family personally, I just wanted you to know how much your son has touched my heart. I have prayed and will continue to lift your family up in prayer. I just have been following his page and the blog posts for only a few weeks now but my heart hurts for all of you. Just by reading the blogs and seeing all the pictures of Ollie and your family, I have fell in love with him. His smile is unbelievable with all he is going through and from where I am, you can see that your sweet, sweet Ollie is smiling and being strong to make it easier on you two. What wonderful, loving parents you are to have raised such an amazing son. I have a son Ollies age and although no one really knows what you are going through, my heart from one parent to another breaks for you. I will continue to pray for peace and strength for all of you. I know I am just a stranger but I just wanted to make sure you know today, that there are alot of people who think you are wonderful parents. Please give that sweet, amazing,courageous,beautiful son of yours a big hug from me. And let him know that it is an honor and privledge to be a part of his journey..

Amy said...

So wonderful to read your post of great faith and gratitude, Ed. I have been following Stacy and Oliver's Journey for several months and am amazed at your incredible strength. But then, we must do what needs to be done in such a situation, but I am genuinely, sincerely amazed. Stacy has posted so much, but I've thought about you and how you were/are coping. Throughout my adult life (I am a convert to the church), I have been so blessed with the gospel and the comfort that it brings in dire times. I am grateful that you all are blessed with that gift, as it does make things just that much more bearable...even at the end of the rope, through our Heavenly Father, still we hold on.
Please know that there are so many who pray for Ollie and for your family continuously and I do hope that you feel those prayers. I have put your names on the Washington, D.C. Temple Prayer Roll many times. I am hoping and praying that these next days bring you strength to endure.
All my prayers to you all,
Amy Halterman

mackenzie williams said...

I hope Oliver received my Valentines day card! I am praying for him, and I am spreading the word about Oliver! Please be strong, I am sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!


Huish Family said...

Oliver, you are one of the bravest young men we have the privilege of knowing. You are just amazing. Sending the biggest hugs from Utah! You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, the Huish family

meghan said...

It is so amazing how complete strangers have come to bless Oliver and your family. It has been a beautiful thing to see in such a horrible situation.

Stephanie said...

My heart breaks for you and your family . May God bless you and I hope somehow some way you can make it thru another day .i have never met you or Ollie ,yet you have changed my and my childrens lives with the way you love one another despite all you have been given to deal with .

Krista said...

May our Heavenly Father bless you Ed! I know in my Family, my husband has the calm demeanor and the strong exterior that hold us together...but I also know that he is more sensitive and loving than the outside shows.
I think the same goes for you. I pray for peace in your heart and strength in your spirit...always!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I came across your blog but I have been touched by your sweet boy and your words everyday. I have been really struggling with some things in my life recently and I draw a lot of strength from your words and by looking at your sweet boy. I pray that God may help you to feel peace at this time (especially Oliver). I know God is aware of all of us....especially the children. They have a special place in his heart and I know they are attended to by administering angels in their times of need. May God continue to strengthen your sweet family.

Thank you for sharing your family with me.
Love from UT.

Christa Johnson said...

I am sending prayers your way. I am a Stage 4 cancer patient and I have four kids. Your family seems really, really supportive and wonderful! Hopefully these days will be peaceful and family oriented.
Sending all my love to Oliver and Clan,
Christa Johnson, Arizona

Terri said...

Palmer Family, As you go through these very difficult days, you are in our prayers. May God give you peace and may you feel his love. Oliver is a courageous brave sweet boy with such love for his family and others.
Love, Terri Williams (Tomas's Nana)