Monday, July 16, 2012

Parks & Rec (March-April)

 We've been trying out different parks recently and have taken photos at each one.  The kids love going to the park, as did Oliver.  I remember last summer I asked him what he wanted to do during the summer and he said, play ball and go to the park.  :O)


I love the rim minus lens look on Jaren.
What a face, Jar!!!
We had fun posing Iron Man.  Iron Man had so much fun he decided to make the park his new home.  We forgot him there... oops.  Well... it's not like we don't have 50 other Iron Mans to choose from...
Hangin' out... maxin' and relaxin'

Edward with his 'Hulk' pose.


I used to love coming to this park when I was little because of the fort.  Waterloo had lots of awesome themed parks and this is the last of them that I can remember.  We need more themed parks in this area

We have a problem with sticking our fingers in the noses of everything!

Eden is a caged animal!

Looked like a flower...

Jaren, Eden and Phineas.  This was the first time out at a park without Oliver.
Ed swinging with the kids.
Loved the blossoms all over the trees.  So beautiful in the spring!


Jaren and Ed


Angie said...

OK so how I have I lived around here my whole life and never been to that Tibbits park!?!? That looks like fun, definitely have to take the kids there. Love the Iron Man poses by the way haha Ethan has a ton of those too :) Great pictures

Krista said...

I love park hopping! Call me sometime! My favorite pics are the " Bear buns" and the no lense glasses. Oh and Iron man! He is awesome...hehe!

Emily Kay said...

Your parks look awesome!! Looks like everyone had a good time those days, especially Iron Man :P, him posing made me laugh at the computer.