Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Look Back at 2013 - December

So November brought a new baby to celebrate as well as Eden's birthday.  Four days after Eden's birthday we celebrate Phineas' birthday.  This year was a bummer year for him as we had a newborn at home and didn't have much energy to make a cake and go all out.  Good thing he was four and was just as happy with a glazed donut with four candles as he would have been a big cake!  
He is so stinking cute!
 Baby photo overload coming up!  I love seeing how much the boys just LOVE their new baby brother.
 Jaren is a little baldy in the photo below because he had to take a scissors to his 'owl ear', which I refer to as the sides of his hair that stand straight up.  Ollie had them, too, but never attempted his own correction with a pair of scissors!  He got so close to his scalp that I had to shave his head.  Good thing his hair grows fast!  Eden was such a mommy to Thor when we brought him home.  There is an 11 year age difference between her and the baby so she helps me out so much with him.
 I LOVE his little dimples, just like me and Ollie!

Christmas at Grandma Young's house.  Eden and Thor looks like they planned their outfits!  Uncle Chad got Thor his own Thor doll!  The boys are both into action figures and legos which Grandma got for them.  I think Chad got The Killers lullaby CD for Thorin as well.  Too cute!  We always love going to Grandmas and spending time with them!

My friend, Carrie, stopped by to meet our sweet Thor.  Thor must not like Daddy's scratchy whisker kisses at Chuck E. Cheese.  Eden as the sweatshirt monster.  I know I have a video of this somewhere!  Jaren and cousin, Lydia, at G&G Palmer's house on Christmas Eve.

Thor in his baby blanket that he NEVER sleeps without.  It was from my facebook friend, Fran, who I met online during Oliver's journey.  She is a sweet person who still keeps in touch with us.  The boys and I saw these Yoda Santa hats and I had to get a photo of them in it in memory of Oliver.  A picture of me holding little Thor. I love how they just snuggle right in.  His position reminds me of the thinking man sculpture.  I can't get enough of smelling and touching my face to his soft hair.

Christmas morning.  I wish I would have taken a picture with the kids holding a photo of Oliver.  Eden found the hidden pickle ornament.  There is a cute saying that goes with the pickle, which I can't remember, but the tradition is that whoever finds the hidden pickle ornament gets an extra present, however to avoid weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth... they get to open the first gift.

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