Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Storm & J C Penney Family Portaits

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Today we woke up to find that it had been snowing throughout the night and was still snowing. I had a doctor's appointment with my family doctor and so Ollie and Ed traveled down to Iowa City in the horrible weather. Later on he called and told me that he almost went off the road a few times and had we not had plans he would have definitely stayed overnight down there.

J C Penney had donated a family portrait package to us and we were desperate to get some family photos taken as we had never had professional family pictures before. Cooper Image and Design also gave us some special deals and we had a session set up for the following day, but since Oliver's hair was starting to fall out, we were scrambling to try and get them taken ASAP since it was falling out so quickly and so much. Cooper was closed today so we decided to call Sears and our friend got us in and took our photos. We opted to all wear Iowa Hawkeyes T-shirts and khaki pants, even our little 7 week old was outfitted to match the rest of the family! He got some great shots of the kids individually, some with Oliver and each child and some family shots as well.

We kept our appointment with Cooper for tomorrow evening and decided that we would shave Ollie's hair following the photo shoot. We had originally planned on having a head shaving party on Thursday, but due to him losing it so quickly we had to switch things around. We were sooooooooo grateful to J C Penney Portrait Studio as well as Cooper Image and Design for opening their hearts to us and giving us a gift to treasure for many years. If anyone knows me, they know I LOVE pictures (I've dubbed myself the 'Palmer-azzi" since I always have a camera in hand) and so this REALLY did mean a lot to me to have this done. I don't know how people do it every year! It was hard coordinating outfits and moods!!! :O) THANK YOU again for your generosity!

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Amy said...

bahahaha. nice play on words, 'Palmer-azzi'!!! you crack me up.