Thursday, January 28, 2010


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 - "BALD IS BEAUTIFUL" head shaving EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Tonight we had our photo session at Cooper Image and Design and they were fantastic! I'm so excited to see the finished photos. She said that it would take about a week to get them up online to view and see what we wanted to order. Jaren was being a little stink and not smiling! He just wanted to run around and blow bubbles! They were doing everything they could think of to get him to cooperate but he was just being a 2 year old!

After our pictures we headed over to the church cultural hall to set up for Ollie's party. We announced on Facebook that we were going to be shaving Ollie's head and that people could come to support him and eat pizza afterwards. I didn't expect so many people to come out and even get in on the head shaving action!!! I wanted to make this a fun event for Oliver since he'd been so nervous about losing his hair. Ed and I figured if people shaved their heads along side him, he wouldn't feel so alone. A few of his friends from school also went bald in support of Oliver and we even had family and friends from different states participating!!! There was a head shaving party in Orem, Utah where 12 people got a close shave! People that we didn't even know participated! It's just unreal and overwhelming to see so much support and love just pouring out for Oliver. It's utterly amazing to me.

We set up some chairs and started playing barbershop! The cameras were flashin' while the hair was flyin'!!! I said, "Start your engines!" while I clicked the clippers on to start buzzing off my mom's hair. Ed was cutting Ollie's and Randy was cutting Morgan's hair. There was lots of laughter and giggles as people were getting their hair buzzed. I'm glad that so many people came out to support him and just have a fun night making memories with us!

I bought a large matte for people to sign and write a note to Oliver. I'm going to print off a photo of the night's head shaving participants! The last count of bald heads was OVER 40!!! I'm still in shock! Here is a list of the participants:

Ed (Daddy)
Karen Young (maternal grandmother)
David Palmer (paternal grandfather)
Randy Palmer (uncle)
*Jared Palmer (uncle in California - We watched him cut his hair in real time via iChat)
*Danny Palmer (uncle in Idaho)
**Phineas Palmer (honorary baldie... our 7 week old is already losing his hair!)

Takoda Greenway
Nate Greenway
Nathan Heinz
Nick Heinz
Andrew Petersen
*Tyler Carnes
*Keith Galloway (Oliver's 3rd grade teacher)

Friends of the Family:
Garran Gillespie
*Sam Gillespie
Mike Lujan
Morgan Lasley
Dan Stern
Phil Crouse
Hunter Crouse
Cameron Crouse
Hunter Sinclair
Krista Nai (1/2 baldie... Got a cute new do and donated her hair to "Locks of Love")
Jon Grimm
William Grimm
Andrew Grimm
*Michael Grimm
*Chad Grimm
*Justin Gibbs
*Ben Fagersten
*Scott Frodsham
*Josh Graves
*Matt Horan
*Mike Williams

Orem, Utah off-site head shaving participants!
*Erick Ardmore
*Tamara Ardmore
*Andrew Ardmore
*Samuel Ardmore
*Gracie Ardmore
*Daniel Ardmore
*Sarah Ardmore
*Cameron Berrett
*Benjamin Adams
*Samuel Adams
*John Adams
*Matthew Adams

(* - Participants not in attendance)

Again, THANK YOU to all who came to support Oliver, those who shaved heads and jumped in where we needed you to help clip and shave, those who took photographs and those who stayed to help clean up afterwards! We really appreciated ALL that you did for us tonight! I'm glad there was a good turnout for our little man!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!


HeidiAnn said...

That is just about THE coolest thing I have ever heard. The funny thing is that Joseph was shaving his head last night too and we didn't even know about the party. :) Coincidence I guess. :)

Amy said...

You are such a good parent!!! What an awesome party it was!

Garran Gillespie said...

Sam Gillespie too!!

Pieper'sPepper Patch said...

I'm so glad it went so well. And with all on your plate I'm grateful for the time you took for my family. We love you guys.