Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not So Good News...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - MRI

Oliver had an MRI this morning to see if his tumor had shrunk at all and... it hasn't. What a blow. Not quite the news we were hoping to hear after almost 4 weeks of radiation. The doctor said that it hasn't grown so I guess we have to count our blessings where they come. It still doesn't take away the pit in my stomach after hearing the news. I almost just EXPECTED it to shrink. The thought of it NOT shrinking didn't even cross my mind. Definitely not the best news to hear. They will be doubling the dose of radiation for the final two weeks of treatment. His last one will be on February 11th.

He's also been having some motion sickness problems as well. About a week ago we were driving around town and he had to close his eyes the whole way. Ed had given him dramamine and he said that it just knocked him out. He's been unusually tired as well from the radiation. He's been off the anti-nausea meds with the hope that the steroid he's on will help. He went from 3 a day to one a day so we hope that we can get by without using so much of the steroid. One of the side effects of the steroid is a puffy face and an insatiable appetite. We are starting to see his face filling out a bit. His dimples are just ADORABLE... even more so with a fuller face! It's hard to find the 'good' things about this whole situation. Every day is different. Some days I feel really strong, like I can talk about it without crying and some days I just bawl at the smallest little reminder of what he is facing.

Ed and Oliver went to school to pick up Eden and Ed told me that it was like Oliver was a little celebrity! He said that kids were just engulfing him in the hallway! One of his best friends, Tyler, saw him in the hallway and yelled, "Ollie, Ollie!" and ran up and was the first one to give him a hug! It's been so sweet to see the cards and pictures his classmates are sending to him. I love reading each and every one! Kids are truly amazing! He met up with his teacher, Mr. Galloway and talked about school stuff as well as other things that are going on. His teacher also shaved his head in support of Oliver! He even recorded the crazy event! What a cool teacher!

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Julie Hughes said...

I love it when teachers show support like that.