Thursday, February 4, 2010

Full Face from Steroids

Ollie and Ed got back into town after being gone for about three days. When I first saw Oliver I noticed how much more full his face looked. There are many side effects from being on the steroid, so we have to kind of weigh our options. The doctor said that Oliver was one of the 80 percent that responds to radiation. Although the actual tumor has not shrunk, progression has slowed, inhibiting the growth of spitting cells. Ed asked how long until the tumor grows again and the doctor said anywhere from 6 to 9 months. We are grateful that he is feeling fairly well right now. He's complained of a few headaches and has been nauseas and very tired, but he's still smilin'.

The doctor also wants to wean him off of the steroid that he is on. Going from three a day to two a day, one a day and finally one every other day until he's completely off of it. I don't want this time to give me false hopes of a recovery as I know what lies beyond the next several months. I pray for as much time as possible to spend with him. You always think that you will have all the time in the world... and you really don't. You NEVER know what each day holds, but I cling to the knowledge of what the next life holds. The knowledge that we will ALL be together again someday.


Janene Wawro said...

Stacy - we continue to pray for you and your family. I have called a couple of times and left messages - hope you got them and know that we love you and pray for you every single day! Don't feel obligated to call back, just know that we want you to know we love you and are thinking about you and doing all we can to help. We are collecting donations in Texas for the scrapbook crop next month...the pile is growing! Love you!!! Give Oliver squeezes!!

Amy said...

Oh Stacy. That is so good.

Kim Spady said...

Stacy -- I so remember feeling and thinking the exact things about which you write today! I am so sorry that the joy of each of your days is tempered with the reality of what may come.

But, I encourage you to hold on to hope and to drain every ounce of joy out of every moment! Learning that lesson is one of the blessings bestowed upon our family during Caleb's journey. How we treasure the moments so much more now!

I am always available via phone or e-mail. Please don't hesitate to call/drop a note if you need to talk with another momma.

Thinking of you all and holding on to hope with you -

Kim Spady

Gooches said...

oh stacy! i just read your comment on my blog and my heart goes out to you. i would love to talk to you one on one sometime. my email is
holly gooch