Friday, April 9, 2010

Oliver's Talk in Primary

Sunday, March 28, 2010 -

Today at church Oliver gave a talk in Primary (his Sunday School class). The topic was "God Speaks Through Prophets". He read a small story from the children's church magazine, "The Friend" and then bore his testimony about how he knows that prophets tell us about Heavenly Father's commandments and that we need to follow them because that's what Jesus would tell us to do. We had just talked about that same thing during our nightly scripture study with the kids.

I got teary eyed watching him give the talk, not knowing if it would be his last one. He'll have much to do on the other side, I'm sure. I know that if Heavenly Father wants him then He'll take him at that time. Prayers don't change Heavenly Father's will. I don't pray for the things that I want... I pray for knowledge to make good decisions and for peace and strength to get through the days that lie ahead. Every day I try to make my will align with His will... which is a struggle some days. Some days I just don't want to go on, but I just have to trudge through what life throws in my path.


Amy said...

you truly are an inspiration stacy, to me and many many other women/mothers out there. thank you for your words and testimony.

Jolley's said...

You have a great attitude and YOU are becoming a strength to others. Thoughts are always with you.

Frisbies Forever said...

It's hard to not pray for your own will. You are AMAZING!

Kathy said...

I am Jacob Taylor's grandmother. For some unknown reason, these special children were chosen for this mission, whether it be to spread love or touch peoples' hearts, only God knows.
My heart aches for you;because, we just lost our angel Jacob on March 21st. Cherish every minute with your sweet boy.You and your family are in my prayers.