Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Conferences & World Fair

Thursday, April 8, 2010 - Edison Elementary

Tonight Oliver and Eden had their school conferences and again we were very pleased with what their teachers had to say about our kiddos! They said they are both model students especially in the Character Counts aspects and they do great work and are constantly trying to do well in school.

We met with Oliver's teacher, Mr. Galloway and counselor, Ms. Hay to talk with them since Ollie hasn't been back to school for several weeks. We don't think he will be back because of his weakness. Ed had to carry him up the stairs just to go to the conference! Since the school is a two story building it isn't equipped for a wheelchair... unfortunately. I know that everyone would do everything in their power to try and allow him to feel comfortable there, but it's just not possible... plus... I like having him home with me. Anyways, since the kids did great we celebrated with some Dairy Queen! YUM!

Saturday, April 10, 2010 - Samara's Birthday
Today we went to Takoda's sister's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and then Pizza Hut for pizza. She is such a doll!

Oliver, Eden, Jaren and Phineas at Chuck E. Cheese.

Takoda and Ollie at Pizza Hut (Samara is behind Takoda)

Jare doing the 'birdie'!

Finny boy

Eden and Oliver at the World Fair in Waterloo. A former classmate of mine formed 'Over the Rainbow', a non-profit organization that brings health and education to the people throughout struggling countries. Once a year, usually in the spring, they host the World Fair at the Pepsi Pavillion on the National Cattle Congress grounds. There's food, activities, booths and entertainment for the whole family. We found out about it last year and we really enjoy going. It's fun and it's for a great cause!

Eden and Angela, a childhood friend of mine. I helped her apply temporary tattoos and face paint on the children there! So fun!

Capoeira Club that Ollie was once a part of. A year ago he was playing with these same guys at the World Fair.

It was rough seeing Oliver not be able to participate in something that he once loved. He's so weak that he can't physically do the same things any longer. Heartbreaking to see.


Amy said...

i wish i got dairy queen every time i had a good parent teacher conference.....not sure how often that would have happened, but still! how fun, and way to go oliver and eden!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Great job Ollie and Eden!

Anonymous said...

We call parent conferences; parent evenings even if they are in the morning? That's us Brits for you hey?

Oliver, sorry to hear you are feeling so weak. My legs get really wobbly sometimes and I need my sticks and my chair lift. (it's a special chair that electronically takes me up and down my stairs.)

Sending special prayers that you feel as well as possible. You are a very special boy and you a have very special family.

Love and prayers
Carey Kenchington