Friday, October 22, 2010

From Ollie...

"Well, my mom saved a kitten. We named it Max, but we call it Maxi for some reason.

I got to shoot a bow and arrow at an archery range with my Uncle Bryan. I shot a bow and arrow, but the arrow tip broke off and after that I shot a bullseye! I said the tip should be on there otherwise it would stick, but it didn't. I went to my friend's house. His name is Tyler Jolley. I have a Wii my friend has a Wii, too so I just brought the whole box of CD's to play. We played Hulk, WipeOut and Smackdown vs. Raw Wrestling. They thought it was cool. I had fun. And we played air-hockey. Jake, my friend's younger brother, he's 4, he beat me because I'm not very good at sports. I'm going to my other friends house, his name is Takoda. Two days before Halloween, I am going to his Halloween party. He will be a ninja with a spike on the front of his head. I will be Yoda, from Star Wars.

My younger brother is going to Iowa City to talk to a GI doctor down there. He has something wrong with his throat (Eosinophilic Esophagitis). I got almost twenty sheets of homework because I'm not in school. I am going to a fight."

Dictated to me by Oliver


Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie,
Hope you've succeeded in finishing your 20 pages of homework? My son's also called Ollie, he's home for half term holiday. (In England students get a week or two off school in October). He's also got lots of homework and like you he's a very bright Ollie!

We are pleased to hear your MRI was so good and we are saying our prayers for you. We have been since your mom first posted 9 months ago and will keep doing so as long as you need us.
PS He's also a mean wii player, or is it X Box? I can never keep up with what he's keen on as it changes every month.

Love and prayers
The Kenchington Family

achick47 said...

Happy Halloween Ollie.
I have read your blog and must say you are a perfect person to be Yoda such intelligence and wisdom have you. I love Yoda and must say he is one cool looking dude. I too pray for you and your family, I say special prayers for your Mom she seems like such a special lady. Bet she makes good treats and is fun to cuddle with. I raised three boys so I know how much play time it requires in a day and how tired a Mom feels in the evening after her boys are in bed LOL. My little girl is an Angel and she helped me raise my boys who are all grown up and I guess you would say OLD now. They have children of their own and I still play games with them. I enjoy Wii and am real good at it so maybe having grandkids helps as I practice with them to beat their dads. Tell your Mom that many other Moms read her blog and remember their days of small children and appreciate her sharing with us so we may add our prayers to hers for you all.( Mom this part is for you) My Angel is waiting for us to join her and we will all be happy to see her again someday. I know you will read this again in the future and understand that you are not alone and that I do truly understand what you are going through. Yes folks do avoid us when we need them the most, But remember it is not you they are avoiding it is the reality of life and they are afraid that it might strike them if they acknowledge it. I love you for being real and you just keep being real for yourself, others will learn to deal or not with it. You and your family are in God's hands and your trial is yours alone , but I have been there and know that yes you will get to a point where you can carry on but you never get to the point you forget. It is a blessing to be one of the chosen who understand that this life is just a small stop on the journey through eternity and you will spend this rest of eternity with a complete family who are well and happy together. Love to you all and a peaceful night is in my prayers for you to receive the rest you need . Your friend in Texas Sister Chick

the klontz kibitz said...

we love you, oliver, and we just think you're the coolest boy EVER! =)we are praying for you, too. with hugs, sarah (cowger) and brent klontz