Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 2 Florida - EPCOT

September 6, 2011 - EPCOT

It was starting to rain, but we wanted a family picture by the giant ball anyways!


Mickey Mouse


Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck


Goofy with Grandma

Chip and Dale

Snow White telling Jaren the Dwarves were looking for their jewels!

Group Picture
Stacy, Ed, Chad, Mom, Bryan
Oliver, Eden, Jaren

Our Family sans Phineas...


The boys... Ed, Ollie and Jaren


This is a DREAM destination of mine!

Eden making some calls!

Eden and I sitting in Mary Poppin's chair I daresay.

The Beatles

Hello, young chap!


Belle with Jaren and Eden

Princess Aurora with Jaren and Eden

Princess Aurora and Ollie

Oliver and the 'Spitting Gargoyle'.

Eden rockin' some sweet beret.

We sampled a few things from France and WOW... YUM!


Bry and Chad

Eden with a fez by the camel.

She really wanted some sparkly jingly costumes, but not in our price range!

Beautiful jewels!


My friend told me to do the pearl thing in Japan so I looked and found this. You choose a clam and they do a little show to open it up. They measure it and clean it and do a little drum song and dance and then you decide what you'd like to place it in.

I chose one clam and got TWO pearls inside so I got a necklace and we surprised Eden with a matching necklace of her own!

The kids had fun finding tiny lizards!


This is another one of my DREAM destinations as I am one quarter Norwegian and would love to see family there and see where they lived.

Jaren proud to show his Norwegian Heritage.

We went on the Maelstrom which was a boat ride similar to Pirates of the Caribbean. Jaren did NOT like it at all.

"Kringla" had the BEST baked goods! We got some Lefsa and some other delicious treats to share! One was a roll filled with a pudding inside topped with almonds and coconut. YUM!!

I liked the grass on the roof! :O)

Jaren feeling the viking come from deep within!


Me picking the troll bogies!

Uncle Chad, Oliver, Jaren and Eden (Brunhilda) getting their Viking on!

Now THIS troll reminds me of the troll figurines that my grandparents had at their house!!! I wanted to buy one, but didn't have that much to spend and honestly I didn't want it freaking the children out either!!!

Oliver standing in the doorway. I loved all the carved wood!

Jaren standing like a soldier.


Eden with her Papa

Ed and me

Jaren, Eden and Ed -- my hot tamale!

Ollie playing his new bongo drums while the mariachi band was playing!

I think the kids have the most fun watching the animals scurry around the park! Here is our new little friend we must have sat and watched for like half an hour!


Ollie was channeling Snow White here I think. There was a bunny and a squirrel as well as a duck. This kid LOVES animals!

Ollie outside of TEST TRACK, which he said was his favorite ride!!!

Jaren... is... the coolest.

The Finding Nemo stuff was fun! 'Finding Nemo' was the very first movie we took Oliver to at the theater. He was around Finn's age (2ish) and was more interested in the lights lining the aisles than the actual movie!

Ewwww... eels...

It's NEMO!!

Turtle Talk with Crush. It's a screen where you interact with Crush, the turtle from the movie who is a complete surfer dude. He talked with a few kids and then asked Oliver a question. He then wants to ask Oliver's mom, me, a question and we are chatting for a bit. Very silly. He asked how many offspring I had... I said 4... he said he had like 67. :O) He then layed back on his shell and was floating and was like... "Ah.... Stac..." It was so funny!!!

Part of the fireworks show we saw as we were walking. I wish we'd have seen the whole thing.

I loved the colors at night!

We decided to wait by a fountain until most of the rush had left. Oliver was playing his bongo drums. Jaren must have had enough of the hot day and threw up by the fountain a bit. Poor kiddo. He was pretty warm so I figured it was just a long day out in the sun that did it.

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