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Today we went to Animal Kingdom until it closed at 5 pm, then took a bus over to Hollywood Studios until they closed the park at 9 pm. None of us had ever been to Animal Kingdom before so that was fun to see for the first time. I wish we had more time to explore the park, we didn't get there until around lunch time.

Kilimanjaro Safari

I loved seeing all of the different trees they had there.

Naked mole rats... need I say more?

Dung beetles... yuck. I remember learning about these in middle school.

Ollie loves all the birds.

Eden and Ed

A meerkat, maybe Timon, on the lookout.

Sadly, this may be Pumba. "When I was a young warthog........"

We must have spent a good half hour watching these gorillas. This baby was so cute! I could seriously watch them all day long!

I loved the nests hanging below the branches.

Woman from the woods. She was hanging out in the trees on stilts.

Dinoland, USA

So glad we didn't take Jaren on this one!

Jaren, Eden, Ollie and Ed
Oliver and Eden

Ollie enjoying some ice cream. I love his smirk.


Right when we were leaving the Animal Kingdom, it started to rain and I mean... it was coming down in sheets! We were standing at the bus stop and decided to go to Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours anyways. We were there in Florida and hey, a little rain never hurt anyone... :O)

Oliver and the Sorcerer's hat

This was the COOLEST restaurant. Although we didn't make advanced reservations we still had a good time sitting at the 'UFO' table! Most of the tables were cars lined up like they would be at a drive-in movie. While eating you watched clips of goofy horror and sci-fi movies. The food was good and our waiter was really nice, too.

Ed, Oliver and Jaren

Eden, me, Ed, Ollie and Jaren

Ollie, Eden and Ed went on Star Tours while Jaren and I sat waiting to see the Star Wars show, Jedi Training. Due to it misting, they cancelled it. ARGH. Jaren was dancing to the movie music while we were waiting so that was pretty entertaining.

We didn't get there in time for the Indiana Jones stunt show, but at least we saw it last year on Ollie's MAW trip. He's really been into Indiana Jones lately and we've watched all the movies recently. That kid is pretty good with a bull whip. This is him near the Indiana Jones jeep looking a bit like James Bond with his gun fingers... ;o)

Toy Story

This was our favorite ride there! We went on it twice!

I loved all of the artwork inside.


Jaren and Eden

"Nosey, Nosey"

Jaren, Eden and Ollie

Second time around. Oliver and Jaren in action! Couldn't help but think of little Rex Stuart while we were there and especially when I saw this picture.

Waiting to meet Woody and Buzz

I love this picture!

All lit up at night.

Ollie took this picture!

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