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APRIL 2012

APRIL 2012

Bleeding hearts - very fitting for how much my heart misses Oliver.

My mom's cat, Celeste.  Oliver got to go to the humane society and help to pick her out at the end of last year.  She is the sweetest little cat!
My mom's cat, Max.  Oliver named him since we can't have cats at our house I thought it would be a way for him to feel like he has a pet.  My friend and I saved him from the side of an interstate on ramp when he was a tiny kitten - September 2010.  Unfortunately his little orange tiger striped sibling ran and hid from us.  I always think of that one whenever I get on the highway now.

All American Bowl (Stars vs. Stripes)
Our friend, Matt, was chosen to play in the All American Bowl this year where football players are chosen from around the country to play.  They played in Cedar Falls at the UNI dome which is in the next town over from us so we thought we'd go and cheer him on!  He dedicated this game to Oliver.

JUNE 2010 - Matt and Oliver.  Oliver was the very first Kid Captain for the Des Moines Blaze football team.  I love Ollie's smile!  He loved it!
Matt's team won!  Stars 54 Stripes 14
Matt and his two cute kids down on the field after the game!

Cousin Lydia's 5th Birthday!

Lydia and Jaren.  They are only about 2 months apart in age and are in the same Primary class at church.
Our nephew, Carson, who is about 3 months older than Finny.
Our niece, Kaylee, who turned one the following June.  She is Carson's little sister.
Lydia and her daddy, Randy.  Randy is Ed's younger brother.
Finny watching Lydia opening presents.  The surfboard shirt was actually Oliver's when he was 18 - 24 months old.  :O)
The birthday girl!
Eden and her cousin, Lydia.

 We were flipping through channels one day and I stopped on our local public television station where The Phantom of the Opera was playing -- the actual stage version at the Royal Albert Hall for the 25th Anniversary.  We watched it for a little bit and then I turned the channel thinking that the kids were bored with it.  Jaren freaked out and told me to turn it back to the monster guy!  For the next few days he'd ask me to watch 'The family of the opera'!  I found it on iTunes and bought it so we could watch the whole thing!  He still asks to watch it months later and is now singing the songs from the play and movie.  I found this white mask for like a buck on clearance at Hobby Lobby and I couldn't resist!  I knew he'd LOVE it and he did!!!
Jaren as The Phantom of the Opera.
Eden looked so cute and Springy in her school uniform so I had to take a picture!
I got this in a fortune cookie and started to tear up thinking about Oliver and how real I think it is...
I actually did Eden's hair for once and it turned out really cute!  I didn't bugger it up like I usually do!
Jaren and Eden -- Sweet...
Jaren and Eden -- Sassy...
This kid LOVES to layer his clothing and LOVES wearing shirts that are two or three sizes too small!
Love this kid's cheesy grin!

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