Monday, August 27, 2012


 Easter 2012 

We had a little get together the Saturday before Easter for an egg hunt and potluck.  There was a great turnout, but man was it cold! The kids played some games while the parents hid the eggs around the park. 

Later that night we decorated some hard boiled Easter eggs.  Randy and Lydia came over as well as the McNamaras.  Jaren drew a Darth Vader egg which turned out light purplish blue.  We also did our tie dye eggs with rubber bands.  That is always a favorite!

Easter Sunday

Finny taking a ride in a barbie car!
Jaren and cousin Kaylee.

Kaylee and Danny.  I love her feathery hair!
Ed's brother, Danny, his wife, Jamie and their kids, Kaylee and Carson.  I wish we would have gotten a nice pic of our family, but no such luck.  I think everyone had already changed out of their nice clothes.
Jare Bear
Kaylee and Eden
Bleading Hearts
Oliver's grave after dark.  We had decorated it with a few Easter and Spring things.

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