Thursday, September 27, 2012


THIS Sunday we will be participating in the CureSearch Walk in Iowa City, Iowa.  The proceeds will go toward further research for pediatric cancers.  I'm SOOOOO HAPPY to be able to take part in a walk where the donations go toward this needy group of kids.  Childhood cancers are grossly UNDERFUNDED and something NEEDS to be done about it.  I'm excited to honor Oliver and Jadyn, a little boy who passed from medulloblastoma.  His mom and I became acquainted shortly following Ollie's diagnosis in 2009 and we are adamant about getting our fair share of funding for our babies... for YOUR babies.  It's just not right that they keep getting the short end of the stick in the funding area.... even in the awareness area.  I RARELY saw or heard anything in the media about pediatric cancers, but I've ALREADY seen several things about breast cancer and it's not even October yet!!!  Yes... it gets depressing to know that the children are so easily overlooked.  It truly makes me sick.

However... I am doing what I can do and I helped with a bake/craft sale last weekend in front of our local Hobby Lobby craft store which raised nearly $1200 for The Cure Starts Now Foundation, which focuses their research on pediatric brain tumors, especially DIPG, which Oliver had.  I want to thank Carrie and Nikki for doing SO MUCH on Saturday and of course several weeks beforehand as well as all those who donated baked goods and crafty artsy stuff.  Thank you to those that stopped by to purchase some of these goodies as well.  We couldn't have done it without any of you, so THANK YOU!!!

THIS SUNDAY, we are going to be participating in the CureSearch Walk down in I.C.  We've made some golden t-shirts that say Childhood Cancer Awareness on the front and have a list of facts on the back so people can be made aware when they are standing behind you in line at the grocery store.  We've also made a banner with Jadyn and Oliver's faces on them and we will add several childhood cancer warrior's names to it... THEY are truly why we walk... and why we will ALWAYS walk until there is a cure for them.  I just pray for good weather and maybe a sign from Oliver... as always...

If you would like to read about CureSearch, sign up to walk with us, or donate, check out my personal fundraising page.  We would love to bring our total higher and higher for these kids!!!  Thank you so much for those that have already donated.  My birthday was Wednesday and so I asked for my 34th birthday... a donation of $34 to go to CureSearch.... or AT LEAST $10 in memory of Ollie's 10 short years on earth since he can no longer walk in this event.  Anything is better than nothing... even $5 if you have it.  Think of where it is going and who it will be helping.  It may be helping your child... your grandchild that hasn't been diagnosed yet.  That is why we keep fighting and raising awareness... for YOUR loved ones as well as OURS.

Love,  Stacy (Ollie's momma)

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