Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 - Jaren's Christmas concert (PreK)

 December 2012

Tonight Jaren had his first concert at school!  I bought him and Finn matching sweater vests for church for Christmas, which I never do the matchy matchy thing as it usually costs an arm and a leg, but I thought he'd look so cute in it for his concert.  This is the response I get, "I look bogus.  The kids are all gonna laugh at me!"  I thought he looked pretty cool myself.

Jaren and a little friend got to be reindeer while they sang 'Rudolf, the Red nosed Reindeer'.  He requests this song every night when we sing at bedtime.  Finny always requests 'Jingle Bells'... usually the Batman smells version.

The kids all looked so cute!
Our family
Jaren and his teacher, Mrs. B.
Jaren and Grandma


Emily said...

I thought his sweater looked so adorable, I loved it! So not bogus, Jaren :).

Krista said...

What a handsome...and talented little man! I love that he has Mrs. B as a teacher!