Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 - December randoms

  We haven't had much of a winter to speak of... not much snow at least.  It's nice for me because it takes FOREVER to bundle them up!  The first snowfall only barely covered the lawn, but of course they wanted to go out and play!  I put water in some spray bottles and added a few drops of food coloring to them so they could have a little more fun outside.  They made small snowballs and tried to make a snowman, but didn't have much luck.  The snow was PERFECT for making snowballs.  Jaren kept throwing them at the side of the house.  Practicing for baseball next summer, I'm sure!

Phineas, age 3 and Jaren, age 5


 Getting ready for Christmas.  It took us a while to finally set up the tree and decorations this year.  I just wasn't feeling it, but I knew we had to do it for the kids.

Eden with her evil pointed candy cane.
Spiderman... er... Phineas decorating the Christmas tree.  This was one of Ollie's favorite traditions.
Our friend made us this funny ornament of a guy in red pajamas with the butt flap hanging open!
Jaren must have been cold and I think that is actually Finny's coat he's got on!
A tad aggressive... but brotherly love just the same.  Is that how it always is with brothers?
Eden's got Finny in some sort of sleeper hold and I'm not sure he's down with that.
Eden and Jaren performing some Cirque du Soleil of somesort!

 Gingerbread men... a new Christmas tradition.  I've always wanted to try making gingerbread men and so finally this year we did.  The kids had fun decorating them, but I burned half of them... oops.

Finn and Jaren
Decorating is serious business!
'Sunburned Sally' is up in the top left.  That was one of Eden's.

Loved this one of Eden's... the hula girl with the grass skirt and coconut bra!
Jaren, age 5
Phineas, age 3
Rub a dink dink... who is that cutie boy in the sink?!
Love their serious faces!  Jaren said, "Mom, we are underwear superheroes!"
Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.  This kid wants me to sing the Spiderman theme song nearly every night before bed!

Oliver's grave for Christmas


Emily K said...

Even though I wish you could be putting them in front of your house, I think those lights/lanterns are so cute, all of the decorations you put by Oliver's grave looked great. I loved those gingerbread men cookies too. Eden came up with some pretty creative designs for her's. Funny story about food coloring and snow... ahh. I brought the bottle of yellow outside while my neighbor and I were playing in the snow. It fell out of my jacket pocket and he sprayed the whole bottle all over the front lawn... needless to say it was pretty embarrassing seeing the snow stayed for a while!

meghan said...

I had forgot about that ornament.. so funny!