Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Look Back at 2013 MAY - Our Honeymoon (May 6th) - Chicago and Orlando

Ed and I have been married for 13 years and are FINALLY getting to go on our honeymoon!  We chose to go to Florida for a week!  Thank you to our family and friends for watching our kiddos so we could have some much needed time alone together.

We drove to Chicago on our actual anniversary (May 5th) and flew out the next morning.  I love seeing cities from the plane and looking out over Lake Michigan.  While we were up in the air, we saw a lake in the shape of a heart and I knew Oliver was with us!  I don't really like to fly as I feel sick a lot of the time, mainly taking off and landing.  As we were landing in Orlando, we were a few feet from the strip and then took off up in the air again!  We nearly missed another plane on the tarmac!!  So I had to deal with landing TWICE.  UGH... my stomach was up in my throat and I was a little panicked!  But, all ended well.  I was so happy to be on the ground!
Aerial view of Chicago and Navy Peir

We got to Orlando in the early evening and went out to dinner at a wonderful Brazilian steakhouse, Texas de Brazil.  We had gone there on our last trip to Florida with Oliver and loved it.  It was the perfect place to spend our anniversary!

Thought this was so funny!
I loved the floral arrangements!
They would come to the table with different types of meat and cut some off for you.
The discs we used to let them know to stop at our table!
We had a great view of the kitchen.
Happy anniversary to my BEST FRIEND!  I LOVE YOU!
After dinner waiting for our car.
After we ate we found an outlet mall that was open later and walked around a bit.  I found a small backpack to take with us on our daily outings and a Hamsa necklace.  It was fun to just do what we wanted on our own timeline!  I loved spending every day with my favorite person!!!  He was so good posing for me all week long! 

There was a really cute candy shop at the outlet mall where Ed purchased this gigantic brick of tastiness!!!

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Anonymous said...

I just spent all afternoon reading your blog. Just wanted to say that your son Oliver is important and today he touched my life. I wish your family the best. Thank you very much for your blog and your honesty.