Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Look Back at 2013 - OCTOBER

Jaren and I went on a nature walk through our neighborhood.  We did a unit on leaves so we found some leaves from different trees and made some fun art projects with them.  Jaren had fun on the giant wood chip hill at the park as well.  Of course we can never leave our house without a sword in hand!

In continuing our leaf unit, we took a field trip to Hartman Reserve Nature Center.  We had a scavenger hunt there and found lots of fun things.  The boys LOVE 'exploring'!

Ollie's cemetery in the fall...

We went to Heartland Farms pumpkin patch this year with my brother and his then girlfriend and her daughter.  There were animals, a pumpkin shooter, giant pillow trampoline and other fun activities.  I had my picture taken along side the pig... as we both looked like we were going to pop at any minute!    The kids had a blast... until the dark clouds rolled in and it started to POUR!!  Good thing we had just finished our hay ride!!

Eden giving some love to her new baby cousin, Sophia.  I got the chance to take some family photos of my brother-in-law and his sweet family and Eden was in a 5 week volleyball clinic with one of her best friends, McKenzie.

 We had a lot of fun painting our pumpkins this year.  Here is the lineup...

 Eden always comes up with the best costume ideas every year.  Last year during Halloween her and her friend, Kamiah, decided that they were going to be grandma zombies... or... "Grombies" the following year.  This is the result this year... pre granny wig.

Eden - Grombie             Jaren - The Human Torch             Phineas - Spiderman

Church Trunk or Treat
 Mom School Halloween party

 Trick or treating on Halloween night.

 Jaren with his Frankenstein thumb I painted for him, the boys in some after Halloween sales costumes, me... myself and baby (8 months pregnant) and the kids modeling their sweet specs from a our friend Katelyn.