Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Dinner


Green Fettuccine Alfredo
Salad with Green Goddess dressing
Green Garlic Bread
Green drink
Mint Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches
Shamrock cookies

Several years ago, we had some friends over for our first St. Patrick's Day dinner where the food was all green! The kids loved it and we embraced it as a new tradition in our household!

The Palmer-Young-Boardsen Clan
Ed, Oliver, Eden, Jaren, Finn, my mom and brother, Chad.

Bear and Edes

Finny and Ollie

Oliver and Uncle Chad

Mom and me -- "CHEERS!"

Me and Ed, the love of my life.

Eden with the dessert tray. I LOVE her face and pinky!

Nice, Ollie... Niiiiiiiiiice...

SPRING BREAK 2010 -- Chicago

March 2010

Ed, myself, our kids and my mom and brother, Chad caravanned to Chicago for a few days to visit my older brother, Bryan.

Stopping for dinner and a quick game of baseball off the highway!


Oliver and Eden cuddling at the hotel. They sleep together every night... I know they comfort one another quite a bit.

Playing in the pool together. I was surprised that he took off his hat, but proud of him that it didn't matter.


While waiting for the train into Chicago, we had about 20 minutes to kill so we found a park nearby to play some ball... of course...

Even though his left side was weak, he could still make contact with the ball!

Uncle Chad, Ollie & Uncle Bryan


Jaren waiting for the train with Uncle Bryan. He really likes 'Thomas' so it was fun for him to see a real train!

Oliver being goofy. He was in the wheelchair a lot this trip since there was a ton of walking.

Our family... minus little Finny.

Ed and Bear. He was startled when the train started moving, hence the look on his face.

Uncle Bryan and Oliver

Jaren and his special ticket to ride.


"The Bean"

The view from underneath.

Jaren just chased birds the whole time!

Still a bit too chilly for the fountains to be on...

Eating a real Chicago pizza!


Jaren loved the Thomas train ride!

Always with his hand in his pants...

The kids were feeding the seagulls some chips.

Making his monkey at Build A Bear Workshop


Jaren and Sissy

Bear's new girlfriend. She doesn't talk much...

Get a load of Bear's face!!!


It looked so pretty with all of the candles going. You sat in a specific colored section which matched the knight that you cheered for. Ours was the red knight.

Me, Mom, Eden, Chad, Oliver & Bryan

Pewter place setting with no silverware!

Tomato Bisque
Garlic Bread
Roasted Chicken
Spare Rib
Herb Roasted Potatoes
Pastry of the Castle
(Apple Turnover)

Jaren, Ed and me

The Red Knight... who happened to win that night... I'm just sayin'...

Eden is eyeing the man who had just said he saw the knight she's standing next to move!!!

Ollie and Bear sword fighting on the way out!

It was such a fun night! I wished Ollie could have met some of the knights. I think they had a ball!