Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Chicago Fundraiser in Coralville

The Old Chicago down in Coralville sent almost 100 Christmas cards to Oliver after they heard my request for cards to help make Ollie's Christmas extra special this past year. We had never met any of these kind people and yet they've done so much for Oliver. Through Woody, a parent of a child that is a cancer survivor and has gotten to know these people, they learned about Oliver and wanted to help make his Christmas one of the most memorable ones of his life! And... they did!

I received a card from the general manager down there and she asked if they could do a fundraiser for Ollie with 10% of the days totals going to Oliver for medical expenses, thanks to the new year and deductible, as well as other needs we may be facing this year. Not many people realize that we only have $2,000 of life insurance on each of our children since we were living paycheck to paycheck. No one ever thinks that it will be their child, but it was... it is our child. Coming to terms with Ollie's illness and the reality that a funeral costs from $8,000 - $10,000 and now realizing that $2,000 isn't going to cover much. It makes ya sick just thinking about a child dying. I can't count the number of times my mind wanders to such things.

So... we hope to see you down there! :O) We'll most likely be down there for dinner!

Eden and Oliver


Ollie loves mozzarella sticks!

Say, 'cheeeeeeeesy'!

Oliver loved playing pool!

Jaren, age 3 1/2, barely seeing over the edge of the table!

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