Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies

I received a phone call from a nice woman that wanted to know if she could drop off some sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. (She and her husband sent Ollie some toys for Christmas as well.) She showed up at our door with a homemade cookie decorating kit, complete with cookies, frosting, candies and sprinkles! How sweet was that!? Ollie called Uncle Bryan over to have a cookie decorating session! The kids had a ball! Thank you for your kindness, Ehler family!

All our decorating needs. Let the decorating begin!

Bear decorating his cookies

Uncle Bryan and Oliver

Eden getting fancy!

Oliver was laughing about something Bry said. I love the mid laugh pics!

His 'smiling' heart!

The finished products

Ed and his heart I decorated for him!

Ahhhhh... love is in the air!

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The Vaughn Family said...

Beautiful! It looks like a fun time with lots of precious memories! I'm keeping Ollie, and your famiy, in my prayers.

With hope and prayers,
Kim Vaughn