Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Will YOU be my Valentine?!"

*Valentine's Fun 2011*

Eden and Jaren making some Valentine's to send to some other children that are battling cancer right now. We made several valentine's over several days, so Oliver helped as well. He was at Grandma's this particular day.

I was shocked to see that he received so many Valentine's cards and then realized that people still had our address from the newspaper. It was a sweet surprise to see all the mail still coming in. I've been stressing out a lot about keeping up with my thank you cards and know that people don't do it in order to get a card, but I'm old school and really want people to know how grateful we are. So... that being said... with the volume of mail and packages coming in I know that there will be some thank yous that will be missed and I apologize for that. I'm trying to keep up with them as well as attending to my needs and the needs of my family! PLEASE know that we love you and appreciate, from the bottom of our hearts, all of the love and time that goes into sending Oliver messages of love and prayers. I personally will NEVER forget the kindness of so many strangers and loving friends.

Oliver with some of his 'love notes'! ;o)

Oliver opening some of his cards and packages!

From Dominic's Granny on the Hill!

Largest card goes to... Girl Scout troop 6081!!! Thanks girls!

A kind woman from Cedar Valley Medical Specialists stopped by with two bags of goodies and cards for Oliver. She said that 8 years ago, she lost her brother on Valentine's Day and since then wanted to do something for others on that day. Very sweet! Jaren and Phineas LOVED the dancing and singing dog! THANK YOU!

VIDEO: Phineas dancing with the puppy

Ed also brought home Valentine's packages from his old boss, Marla, who always gives the kids sweet Valentine's! They LOVED them, especially the 'light sticks aka: light sabers' and Phineas LOVED the dancing and singing lion! THANK YOU for ALL you continue to do for Oliver and our family!


I didn't even get a picture of Oliver at his Valentine's Day party at school. I always try to get him there for assemblies, parties and other special days. Since his classroom is three floors up, it's difficult for him to get up the stairs without slowing down and starting to have some minor breathing problems. Heck, I can barely get up the stinkin' stairs, but of course it's for different reasons! It's to go and see all the kids get so excited to see him there. I know it makes him feel good. Last year I had gotten some buckets with hearts on them and added his name to each of them to use for mailboxes in each of the 3rd grade classrooms. I had found them downstairs in the basement and his teacher had passed them out to each of the 4th grade classrooms so that the kids can put notes and pictures, in this case, valentine's in the mailbox for Oliver. It's so cute to see that a little boy, Theo, always gets Oliver a nice Valentine's gift and candies. He gave him a stuffed animal last year at Valentine's as well. The kids are all so sweet and loving toward him. This year he decorated a shoebox, with a drawing of Spongebob of course, for his Valentine box. He had fun celebrating with his classmates.

Oliver also received several cards from people we met at Dance Marathon. These are a few homemade ones from a sweet gal I met right at the end! We could be crafty friends, I think! :O)

My mom is a special needs teacher at Lou Henry Elementary and is good friends with another special needs teacher, Mrs. Witte and her associate Mrs. Luck. They surprised Oliver by bringing a few students over and giving him a tote FULL of homemade valentine's from several students from Lou Henry and Hoover Middle School. My mom used to teach there for many years before her move back to the younger kids. THANK YOU!!!


A tote full of love!

Top: Mrs. Witte, Mrs. Luck, Oliver and several of the students.
Bottom: My mom, Oliver and the kids, Mrs. Luck

Again, thank you so much for continuing to show your love for Oliver throughout the year!

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