Monday, March 7, 2011

Old Chicago Fundraiser

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today Oliver had his fundraiser at Old Chicago in Coralville, about an hour and a half away. Lindsay, the general manager, had contacted me about a doing a fundraiser for Oliver with 10% of the proceeds going to Ollie as well as the money from a raffle. Thank you to everyone who made it possible! For all those that helped with creating the flier, handing out fliers, buying raffle tickets, showing up to eat and give donations. I was seriously in awe. I know I repeat that in many posts, but it's true. This year has been difficult, but I have been pulled from my loneliness and despair by the kindness of strangers. Woody, who helped organize many of these events, talking with Lindsay about Oliver and doing this for him... it's amazing. I just don't know what else to say, but thank you.

The fliers and poster that was up at Old Chicago.

We got there around dinner time and shortly after ordering our meals Lindsay came to our table with a handful of gifts for each of the kids! How sweet was that? Eden got some nail polish, hair stuff, silly bands and lip gloss. Jaren got some matchbox cars and other stuff in a small basket. Ollie got some Iowa Hawkeye wristbands, mini skateboards and some other Hawkeye stuff and Finny got a little puppy dog and a light up octopus that the kids took turns scaring him with! He is so funny... he's scared of whoopie cushions, too!

Glamour Girl

Ollie and Finny

Jaren and the scary octopus sucking his face off!

Ollie with Finny, who is yapping about something!

Bear and the loves of his life... cars.

Finn doesn't know what to think of the octopus.

Ollie loves the mozzarella sticks... and they are delish!

Woody, Kim and Ollie

Woody showing Ollie some pool tips.

Love this picture!

We were excited to meet up with some of our friends we met at Dance Marathon! It meant a lot that they would come and support Oliver on a Friday night! Kathryn had just braided Eden's hair and Eden is now painting Heather's nails! Can someone say... Salon day?!

Finny dancing on the table! Heather had given him her phone to listen to some music and he was bustin' a move all over the place! :O)

More of our DM friends came for some fun! Heather, Katelyn, Kelsey, Eden and Kathryn. I think Eden was in heaven with all the girlie time! Thanks, ladies!

Heather teaching Finn how to bump fists!

They had a raffle and when Oliver came into the bar area to draw the winner everyone started clapping and cheering. I wonder if he's used to all the attention yet?! He was loving it, I'm sure!

And the winner is.... this guy who said he was the last one to put his name in the raffle! He told me that his daughter had a stroke at the age of 8 and was at the hospital down there. She's now 10. I wish I had more time to talk with him, but the kiddos were getting restless after being there for 3 hours! :O)

The crazy lot of us! :O)

Lindsay and Ollie. I LOVE this one! THANK YOU SO MUCH and GOOD LUCK in the Quad Cities, Lindsay!

Grandma and our 'luggage'!!

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Looks like you guys had a fun night!

Becky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) It makes my heart happy to know that Oliver is doing so well. We have a little boy, same age, in our town right now that just was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We'll keep you in our prayers. Keep up the good fight!