Friday, June 15, 2012

Love Cedar Valley

Saturday, April 21, 2012 


"The Mission:

  • A day to partner with area churches to extend the love of Christ in real and practical ways in order that our community would take a step in being reconciled to God and one another.
The Vision:
  • Churches uniting to pray, serve, and worship together.
  • Cedar Valley neighbors being touched through the kindness and service of the Church reaching out in Christ's love.
  • Participating churches building relationships and striving for unity year round.
  • Local churches being inspired toward ongoing servant evangelism"

We were blessed to have lots of helpers from many area churches come and provide service for us -- to help us get our yard in shape.  Since Oliver's diagnosis we have neglected our house, especially our yard.  Our fence is in shambles and local kids have kicked holes in our fence, knocking down many slats.  Ed's dad helped us repair a few panels a few weeks before.  Our yard was overrun with weeds and miscellaneous debris.  Due to our financial situation, we aren't able to get a new fence so we are just making the best of what we've got.  People helped pick up debris, weed and plant flowers and grass seed, uprooted some trees and did general clean up.  THANK YOU to EVERYONE that helped us throughout the day.  We were very blessed to have people come and help us out.  It is such hard work to do, especially for me having chronic back problems and arthritis.  We were very grateful for your love and kindness in doing this for us.  I would like to get involved in this next year and help others in return.  Again... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Fields of Weeds...

One of Ollie's best friends, Nick, came to help!

Many hands make light work...

Creating a memorial garden for Ollie.

Roto-tilling our garden plot.

Our good friend, Chad, helping to till up the ground for some grass seed to take root.

After everyone's hard work!

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