Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Visiting Ollie's grave

March/April 2012

 Mount Olivet Cemetery
Waterloo, Iowa

My brothers joked around about changing the 'T' on the sign to an 'R' so it would read Mount Oliver Cemetery!  Yeah... we don't want to end up in jail for such a thing.  I'll have to cut an 'R' out of construction paper and hold it up there and take a picture!  Since it was around Easter I wanted to find something to decorate Oliver's site since his headstone isn't finished.  I found some fun wind chimes and pinwheels at the dollar tree along with some Easter decorations to make it look nice.  The fresh dirt just turned my stomach every time we went there to visit.  Still so fresh in my own mind and heart. 

My aunt and cousin Katie were up visiting and wanted to see Oliver's grave site.  Katie and Eden picked some corn stalks and made a cute little heart to put his grave.

We went out there again to visit with some fresh lilacs and yellow gerbera daisies.  I tried finding yellow and/or white tulips, but no luck.  I found a cute dalmatian planter at Pier 1 which I love because my mom and brother's dog, Willie, was a dalmatian.  We are just trying to make a sad place a little bit brighter.  I'm so grateful that this cemetery allows you to decorate and leave stuff out.  They did warn us that people do steal flowers and other things people leave out on their loved ones graves.  Sick, huh?  I can't believe people would do such a thing!  I'm reserving some of the signs and other statues for our memorial garden for Oliver that we will put in our own back yard.  That way... hopefully... they won't get stolen.

Visiting Oliver at sunset by myself for the first time.  They had just laid sod over the dirt which makes it look much nicer.

A beautiful day for a walk.  It is a really well kept and pretty cemetery.  The only thing I don't like about it, is the highway at your back.  I wish it was quieter and more peaceful.

My mom, Eden and Uncle Chad sitting by Ollie's grave.

 Also... thank you to all of you that still stop by and visit Oliver.  It really means a lot to us and I'm sure it means a lot to Ollie. 

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Ema Lagumdzic said...

Sometimes people will leave trash on the ground and the wind will blow it around. A few times we have seen that trash come to Ollies grave when we visit him, so we clean it up. Since we live down the road from the cemetary, we stop by his grave when my mom and I go for a walk or when my brother and I ride our bikes. I miss the little guy so much. When we come to pay him a visit, you can sense that he's there,listening,swhen the wind blows or the sun shines a bit brighter on you, its Oliver that's responding back.