Friday, June 27, 2014

A Look Back at 2013 - AUGUST

Jaren played t-ball this year and was part of the Athletics team.  Ed and I got to help coach the kids this year which was really fun!  I loved helping the kids feel good about what they were learning!  They were all so cute!

Jaren by Oliver's locust tree planted at the ball diamonds where he used to play.  It's cool to see how much it's grown every year.

 Ed, Phineas and Jaren.

Eating at Dairy Queen after his game.  We love donating to the Children's Miracle Network in Oliver's name.  They do so much for kids in the hospital!  Eden and me rocking our Killers t-shirts!

 Jaren going out on a limb and tasting a roll at Texas Roadhouse.  He seemed to like it!

Meeting my sweet little niece for the first time!  Sophia Grace was born several weeks early and was in the NICU for several weeks following her birth.

Salsa Party with some friends.

 Pregnancy pictures with Thorin in my belly!

 Jaren at the allergist's office getting tested for more food allergies.  We knew he was allergic to DAIRY, PEANUTS, EGGS & CHICKEN among many environmental allergies.  We found out he's also allergic to CANTALOUPE and BEEF.  They measure the actual size of the hive as well as the size of the redness around the hive.  That tells us how allergic he is to the food he was tested for.

 Hulk is all business and Spider-man looks like a medieval knight!

Sleeping with Finny.  I love how he's hugging my neck!

Visiting Oliver at the cemetery.

The kids finally got to meet their sweet cousin, Sophia!

The Youngbluts were nice enough to invite people from church over to pick some of their corn!  The kids had so much fun learning how to properly pick the ears.  I was telling Eden how awesome it was to detassel every year... hardy har har.  Finn just dug in and started eating some right away!

After we went to the Youngblut's farm to pick some corn, we ventured out to Hickory Hills to see the animals and feed the elk.  We gave them a few pieces of the corn and they LOVED it!  They also loved the wild rhubarb that was growing along the side of the road... at least that's what I think it was!

Kids on the first day of school.  Eden starting 5th grade and Jaren starting Kindergarten.

 We always have 'Ice Cream for Breakfast' on the first day of school.  It's a tradition we started after Oliver's Make*A*Wish trip to Give Kids the World.  The kids LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

I was searching the internet to find the exact ice cream bowls you have in this blog. For some reason your picture showed up in the search results. May I ask where you found them? My grandmother had a set that we always used when she gave us ice cream. Unfortunately she gave them to a friend who we lost contact with. I am really trying to track down the bowls. If there is a brand name on the bowl, I would greatly appreciate it if you could take time out of your busy life get back with me.

By the way, I have ended up reading your entire blog about your son Oliver's journey, and have to say what a strong young man Oliver was. I know it doesn't get easier as time goes on, but you and your family appear very strong. Your blog definitely moved me. We are not unfamiliar with DIPG, as a young man in my son's school had his life cut short by this same type of cancer-he was 10 years old. I am sorry for your loss and hope you and your family continue to heal raise awareness about DIPG. Thank you!

Stacy said...

Thank you for taking the time to read about my sweet boy. Who was the young man that you know that passed? He was a very strong boy. I've been watching old videos of him and miss his humor and laugh so much. He was a special kid.

I think I got those bowls from Hobby Lobby actually. I checked the bottom of the bowls and didn't see a brand name. I remembered using them as a kid, too and had to have them when I saw them! I thought they were a perfect addition to our ice cream for breakfast tradition!

Thanks again for learning about Oliver and I'm glad that he touched your heart in some way.