Monday, June 9, 2014

A Look Back at 2013 - MAY - Our Honeymoon (May 10th) - Daytona Beach

 DAY 5 - Crabby Joe's, Airboat ride, Stormy nights

We received a voucher to Crabby Joe's for going to hear about the time shares.  It was a great day to go because it was so clear out.  As we were sitting at the table, we could feel the building moving with the wind, which was a little bit unnerving!  The windows were open and we could feel the breeze from the ocean.  The color of the water was so gorgeous.  I could really get used to being by the beach! 

After we ate lunch, we drove to Jolly Gator Fish Camp to go on our first air boat ride!  I was nervous because I wasn't sure if I would get seasick from the motion of the boat, but I was fine.  I loved feeling the wind in my hair and seeing Florida from a different viewpoint than the theme parks!  We saw many different birds flying when the boat got near to them.  It was a beautiful day, but it started looking like rain when we were about to leave. 

 I loved how we glided over the water and through the grass.  It was amazing to be able to go where ever we wanted.  It was just Ed and me on the boat with the captain.  We didn't see many alligators, however when we were going up on a grassier area, two huge gators jumped up and made a giant splash right in front of the boat!  The bottom left photo is of an alligator poking his head out and the middle photo is of a baby alligator.  I think there is a white crane or heron in the bottom right.  I loved all the different shades of green we saw.  So beautiful!

Ed and I wanted to go somewhere fun for dinner and so we chose Caribbean Jack's.  I had read that there were bands playing that night on the outside deck and so we thought we'd give it a try.  It started to rain when we pulled up and then it just POURED for several minutes.  Everyone that came in from outside was soaking wet!  The food was pretty good, but I was sad that we missed the opportunity to listen to live music.  As you can see, the decor was pretty fun with the alligator over Ed's head!

We drove back to the hotel we were staying at and sat on the beach watching the storm over the ocean.  By that time the rain had passed and we just watched the lightning over the water.  It was just gorgeous and I was lucky enough to capture some great pictures as it lit up the sky. 

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