Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Look Back at 2013 - JUNE

We went to My Waterloo Days and had a fun time with the carnival they offered.  Of course we all had to share a funnel cake and some corn dogs! 
Jaren on the carousel.
Ed showing the kids how to aim at the balloons.
Brotherly love...
Motherly love...
Eden with her sweet hat she won!
Phineas being a brave boy and riding the kiddie roller coaster with his friend, Chloe.
My sugar daddy...
Part of my sweet family.


I LOVE this picture of Phineas creeping through the grass!


Jaren wanted to have a pirate themed birthday party this year at Prairie Grove park.  He invited his friends, Ben, Tuione, Henry and Alex (not pictured).  His little cousins, Carson & Kaylee came as well and joined in the fun. 
Jaren and Ben with the pirate cupcakes we made.
We made a pirate treasure hunt and hid clues on the back of cut up pieces of a treasure map.  Eden is holding up the treasure for all the pirates to see!  We filled it with compasses, rings, necklaces, gold coins and plastic jewels and gold nuggets.
Jaren and Grandma Palmer
"Happy Birthday, Daddy!"  I tried to make a red velvet cake and it turned out more like a pink velvet cake!



The kids helped me make a candy bouquet for Ed this year.  We made small cards with 'Super Dad' written on them and they wrote a personal note on the back.  It turned out great! 



benefiting The Cure Starts Now Foundation
Eden dancing around trying to get customers.  As you can see by the sign, it was raining a lot that morning!
My friend, Carrie, is the one behind the bake sale.  I think this was the second year she organized it.  She is an AMAZING baker and has a heart of gold.  We ended up making $900 for The Cure Starts Now, raising money and awareness for pediatric brain tumors.  Thank you to Carrie and her friends as well as Walmart for letting us set up outside the store in Cedar Falls.  Also, thank you to the people that donated as well as purchased the baked goods and crafts!  We couldn't do it without your help!

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Emily said...

All of the cakes look so yummy! Happy Father's Day to Ed this year too! So awesome how much many you guys raised for The Cure Starts Now.