Friday, June 18, 2010

Braves Baseball - Game 1 (Braves vs. Astros) & Uncle Chad's Birthday!

June 15, 2010 - Oliver's first game of the season. I was so proud of him for going out there and pushing Ed and us to practice with him! Since his diagnosis and watching the symptoms come and go, it was wonderful to see him about to actually run the bases! He's a lefty usually and he was doing really well throwing the ball with his right hand. I am so amazed at him and his passion for the game and wanting to play.

Ollie sittin' in the dugout.

Warming up

Oliver up to bat and his friend, Tyler, is catching for the other team.

Ollie in the outfield.

"Good game... good game... good game..."

The pig pile!

Eden, Uncle Chad, Oliver

Grandpa, Oliver, Grandma

Uncle Chad, Oliver, Grandma

Mom, Ollie and Dad

June 15, 2010 - Chad's Birthday - After Oliver's game, we went to The Other Place for pizza to celebrate my brother's birthday. We then went to our house for some ice cream and cake!!

Love this snapshot of Edes!


Jaren and Ollie 'sword fighting'...

Chad and Ollie

Chad and Eden

Chad and Jaren

Chad and Finny. I LOVE Finny's sweet smile!

I don't think we can ever get a serious picture with these kids!!!

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Piepee said...

love the birthday hat! What kind of bonus ~ saw you twice today.