Friday, June 18, 2010

Pinewood Derby - May 7, 2010


Grandpa Palmer helping to cut out the shape of the car.

Oliver sanding 'The Incredible Hulk'

Grandpa Palmer, Oliver and Eden

Weighing the car

Putting on the first coat of paint.


Oliver and 'The Incredible Hulk'

Finny and Great Grandma Young

Some of the other cars. The boys all did a great job!!!

The boys lined up in the middle of the gym before we started. The lights were all turned off and some music with cars revving loudly started playing. Bishop Dieser would announce each boy and the name of their car and everyone would cheer as a light shone on them. It was a really special time for the kids as well as all of the families!

Watching and waiting to see who won each heat!

Oliver setting up...

Oliver cheering as his car came in first! He won all but 2 races he was in and one of those was a tie! He did great! I love the look on his face when it won... priceless!

Eden and Oliver

Oliver, Jaren and Uncle Chad (my brother)

Oliver and Eden. Get a load of the size of that trophy!

Uncle Bryan, Oliver, Great Grandma Young, Great Grandpa Young, Uncle Chad & Eden

Eden and Great Grandma Young

All of the boys in Ollie's Cub Scout troop.

Oliver's friend, Tyler and Ollie.

The derby was originally scheduled for the last day of Ollie's Make*A*Wish trip so they postponed it so that Oliver could be there to participate! THANK YOU... he had a ball!!!