Friday, June 18, 2010

Last day of School (1st & 3rd)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Eden did GREAT this year! She is such a smart girl and even got the Music Citizenship award for her class! A day never goes by that she doesn't sing!

Eden and her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. White.

Oliver's award assembly. He hadn't gone to school much of the second semester, but I made sure he got to be there on the last day! His principal announced that he was there and everyone clapped for him. Of course... I started crying... (he's the shorty in the yellow shorts)

Oliver and his award. Love that smile!

Ollie and his 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Galloway.

"There's a Monkey In My Chair is a program developed by the
Love, Chloe Foundation.
It is designed for pre-school and elementary aged children who are away from school because of a cancer and/or brain tumors.

Each child is provided with a "monkey kit" which includes a big stuffed monkey that takes their place in school when they are unable to be there. The kits include the monkey with a backpack, a book, and other items that can be utilized by the child and/or their classmates. All kits are sent out at no cost to the families or hospitals."

Oliver and Adora

Ollie and Tyler

Eden with her buddies at recess...
Sayde and Eden

Haylie and Eden

Eden and McKenzie

I took the kids to Rudy's Tacos to celebrate their last day of school and the great job they did!

Eden, the school counselor Mrs. Hay and Ollie.

It was Mrs. Boller's final day teaching P.E. What a goofy bunch!

To reward good behavior (Responsible, Caring, Respectful) the teachers gave out orange feathers when they saw the students displaying them. For a certain amount of orange feathers earned, they were replaced with a black feather to add to the Edison Eagle's wings on the bulletin board right inside the front door. IF the eagle was full of wings by the end of the year, Mrs. Steggall, the principal, would do something crazy!!! She became a HUMAN SUNDAE!!!

Two students from each class were chosen by their teachers to go up and help 'top the sundae'! Eden was chosen and got to toss on some vanilla ice cream! It was the craziest thing! The kids, and teachers, had a ball!!! She was such a good sport to do this for the kids! They will be talking about it forever!

Eden and Haylie ready to launch the ice cream!

BEFORE... Shower cap, goggles, rain gear... or sundae gear, and duct tape!

AFTER... vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry topping, caramel, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows and whipped cream! Stuff was flying EVERYWHERE!!!

Oliver and Takoda during the assembly.

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