Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stress should be a four letter word...

It's hard to get out in the mornings because Ollie is starting to feel nauseas again every day. When he was undergoing his radiation treatments he would usually vomit every time we'd travel in the car and now he's getting that same feeling back and never wants to travel in the morning. He's able to run again and throw with his left hand. He doesn't stumble or trip on his left foot anymore, although he gets tired when walking long distances. He still has his eye patch because the double vision never went away and when he takes it off it's shocking to see how turned in his eye is now. He gets frustrated easily, cries a lot more, is more aggressive with his siblings and can't take jokes like he used to. It's really hard to see these types of changes happening to your child because it's changing who he is. He's still a sweet boy that says funny things and still climbs up on my lap to cuddle with me. Whenever he's sitting with me I find myself thinking of how it will be when he's gone. He's my cuddler. I will miss that so much. He's not in school right now because he didn't want kids to make fun of him if he started crying which I completely understand, so his teacher and counselor are going to be his tutors twice a week. We are thinking of trying to see if he can go a few afternoons. His nausea seems to get better after noon. We'll see what he thinks about that. I'm just glad he has a class to feel like he belongs.

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