Thursday, November 25, 2010

Davenport Thanksgiving Parade & Visiting friends

November 2010


We've been wanting to go to the parade in Davenport for the last couple of years, but never made it down there. This year we decided that we had to go and see the BIG balloons they had! We went down with my mom and brother, Chad and were able to stay at the Radisson, right on the parade route. Something was messed up with our reservation and they changed our room, upgraded us to a suite so that we could watch the parade from our window and keep the kids in from the cold. What a great treat! It was a lot of fun.

Oliver and Jaren being goofy right after we got there.

Finny admiring himself in the mirror.

Our room and the window we watched the parade out of.

The other room and window where we could also see the parade. It really was a great room!

The boys getting comfy.

The bridge to nowhere where Ed, Eden and I walked to at night when it was dark and the lights were on. It was pretty cool to see the lights reflecting off the river and the lights inside the walkway.

Eden overlooking the Mississippi River on the bridge to nowhere.

Santa and his reindeer! My cousin and her kids, who live in the Quad City area, are actually in this picture and I didn't even know it!! How crazy is that!?

Grandma and Jaren

Raggedy Ann looking a bit too raggedy. I think her and the traffic light got into it and the traffic light ripped her a new hole... literally. They had to deflate the rest of her right outside our window on an off street.

'A room with a view'

Ollie yells, "It's Barack Obama!!!"

Finny and Ollie

I love these bikes. It makes me think of the TV show, "American Pickers" which is based out of Le Claire, Iowa. We actually drive through Le Claire to go to our friend's house in DeKalb. One of these days we'll have to stop by and see if we can find Mike & Frank! Le Claire also has a tug of war, TUG FEST, with the town across the Mississippi River each August. I went once when I was a kid and would love to go back again. Complete tangent... anywho... this guy must have some crazy abs!

It's Willie! My mom has a dalmatian at home.


This visit we had the chance to meet the newest Gillespie, little Ayla, who was about a month old. Oliver just LOVES babies!

Eden and her baby 'sister' Ayla! Eden so wishes for a baby sister so since she doesn't have one, she gets all the 'sister' time when we visit good friends!

I don't know if Oliver could handle another sister. Little Briea is sitting on his head at this point! Cullan and the kids love to wrestle with Oliver and he lovingly obliges!

Cullan, Briea, Kael and Eden. I love how Eden's arm is around Kael.

Jaren misses his friend, Kael, so much. You can just see the fun they have together.

Fruit snacks and friends. What more could a boy ask for? Nice face here, Oliver!

Close up of Oliver's 'heming' job... ahem... scotch tape! I think I have a little MacGuyver on my hands!

Finny sitting on Garran's lap just chillin'

Kael, Briea and Finny. I could just squeeze Finny's chubby legs all day long!

Oliver and Briea. I think she likes older men! Watch out, Ollie!

Ollie and Ayla

I love this picture of these two! Too sweet!

Who would think that the end of November, we'd hear the tornado sirens going off?! Only in the midwest! We were going to leave, but didn't want to leave when the clouds were looking so ominous so we stayed and then the sirens were going off. We got the kids together in the bathroom, but luckily the only thing we saw was a rainbow. Yeah... we stayed an extra night.


Whenever we travel to see our friends in Illinois, we always try to stop in Clinton to see my grandparents, which is the halfway point of our trip. This time I got a picture of Oliver next to the height door at my grandparents house. I remember always getting out the ruler and sharpie to mark how tall we were and the date. It's fun to look back and see that even the cats and dogs were measured and added to the door!

Pretty sunset on the drive home

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