Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweet Viola

October 2010

We were privileged to finally meet Viola, a 94 year old woman that had met Oliver when he was just a little Kindergartener. The kids were paired up with the residents in a local nursing home as pen pals and then met up on a field trip. I never knew that Oliver had made her a necklace which she is wearing in the picture and cherishes.

When her and 'Grandma Dorothy', another resident that came to the school often, found out about Oliver, they were moved to action! They held a bake sale fundraiser for Oliver at their nursing home. I am still so moved by their kindness and sweetness.

This was our first meeting with Viola, at the beginning of October. It was so sweet to see how much she adored Oliver! It was also funny to see how loving Jaren was toward her. He was hugging her and climbing up on her lap, which she loved as she doesn't have any children or grandchildren. What a special night and a sweet and funny lady!!!


Ollie pulling his Yoda mask up so Viola can see who it was!

Oliver 'trick or treating' around the circle the residents were sitting in!

Jaren as Batman

Eden, Jaren, Viola, Oliver, Ed and Phineas, as a pirate.

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