Saturday, April 23, 2011

Decorating Easter Cookies & Iowa's Bravest

April 2011

Julie and her husband came by to drop off more cookies for everyone to decorate. The kids have a ball decorating them! She also brought by a bunch of military flags, teddy bears, dog tags and such from Iowa's Bravest, which is 'an organization that sends appreciation boxes to our servicemen and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who are fighting the war on terrorism'. She also told us that she had some servicemen and women that agreed to be pen pals with the kids. We take a photo of the kids with the small teddy bears and send them overseas with a letter, in hopes of receiving a photo of them with the bear and a letter in return.

Finny 'spreading' the frosting on his cookie. I think more frosting got in his mouth rather than the cookie!

Uncle Danny

Eden patiently decorating her cookie. She loved decorating the egg cookies.

Ed and 'the bunny, the bunny, oh I like the bunny...'


Ollie getting a little crazy with the sprinkles! I think the lid fell off!

Ed tried making some black frosting. It turned a forest green... nasty!

So much fun! We gave some to our neighbors as well!

Aunt Jamie and Bear being silly.

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