Friday, April 8, 2011

February Fun 2011


Since Oliver's diagnosis and weakness in his left side he's not been able to do what he used to do and has since found other things to do instead. He's taken up archery, piano and marbles. Since his Grandpa Palmer was a marble champion in Arizona as a kid, I'm sure he's handed down some of the marble shootin' genes to this kid! He beats me almost every single time we play. We used to play around 3 am when both of us were up having troubles sleeping. It was some fun bonding time. I bought him some marbles and a marble mat from Land of Marbles online and he's been having a ball.

Ollie's technique.

QUINTON the QUAIL and Joe Carter's visit

Joseph Carter served his mission here and helped us move into our house back in 2004. He's stopped by to see us whenever he's driving through Iowa and we love visiting with him and catching up. One of the things I admire about Joe is his love of animals. This was a quail that he has raised himself. I'd never seen a quail in person and didn't realize how big they were or what kind of noise they made.

Oliver loves birds and still gets teary eyed when we talk about our pet parakeet, Jeo, that passed away almost a year ago. He just loves animals so much. Whenever there is anything on TV that shows dead animals he tears up and sometimes really starts crying. What a tender hearted boy... I love that about Ollie!

I don't think Eden wanted to hold him.

I was surprised that Jaren wasn't scared when holding the bird.

Sitting on Jaren's shoulder. I think that made him a little more nervous!

What a great pic! Such a handsome boy.


Shar said...

so sweet! that is how my little leah is too...those two would get along.

meghan said...

How FUN!!!