Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Baldrick's Barrette Fundraiser

I will be making and selling barrettes and donating the proceeds to St. Baldrick's Foundation which is a foundation that funds research for all pediatric cancers. (OLIVER PALMER). Obviously this cause it close to my heart because of Oliver's diagnosis in December 2009. Being told that 6 weeks of radiation is pretty much the only thing I can do, which doesn't yield good results is devastating. NO PARENT should have to be given the news that their child has a disease that will ultimately take their life. I'm not rich, I'm not powerful, but I feel that I can utilize my craftiness to be able to raise awareness and funds for researching a cure for pediatric cancer. Each day 46 new children are diagnosed with cancer. That is two classrooms full of children whose lives and the lives of those they love change forever. We will never be the same. More research needs to be done. More awareness for pediatric cancer needs to be spread. We need gold to be the new pink. It's sad to watch commercials with children that have cancer, it's sad to talk about it, but it needs to happen so that our kids have hope. Everyone knows that October is breast cancer awareness month, but does anyone know that September is Childhood cancer awareness month? Everyone knows what the pink ribbon represents, but do you know that the gold ribbon is for Childhood Cancer Awareness? We have to raise our voices for our children in this fight. I will be creating bows and barrettes and anything else I can through the month of September in an effort to keep raising awareness. We CAN do something. I never thought it would be my child, but it is and I wouldn't wish this journey on anyone. I'm going to be selling barrettes on my craft blog HEAD IN THE CLOUDS CREATIONS and continually posting new bows and such so keep checking back. I'll be selling some in a few schools as well. I pray that I can continue to use my voice to help raise awareness. I can't stand by and do nothing...

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