Thursday, April 7, 2011

March Madness 2011

This is what happens when Oliver and Eden are bored while Jaren is sleeping...

Jaren, Uncle Bryan, Phineas

Eden showing Grandma her flamingo she quilled (paper twirling craft). I had first heard of quilling from my Great Aunt Mona back when I was in high school. She made a beautiful framed piece of art out of my graduation announcement and senior picture. I saw a quilling book and kit at Barnes & Noble and bought it for Eden and she's really quite good at it!

Since Ed has been working so much and finally had a Saturday off of work we took the kids to dinner at Olive Garden and to see the movie 'Rango' in the theater.
Ollie is laughing about something in this picture! I love the pictures of my kiddos laughing!

Finny sucking ketchup off of a fry like a Fun Dip candy stick!

Who needs a fry when a finger works just as well!? Eden used to love eating ketchup as a baby, too!

Ooooooh... a pacifier dipped in ketchup... even better!!!

Ollie was so sweet and wanted to buy his and Eden's candy for the movie even though we told him we'd pay for them all to get something. He loves to treat others when he's got money. :O)

When we went to 'Give Kids the World' resort for Oliver's Make*A*Wish trip in Florida, we found out that the Gingerbread House, the restaurant that served breakfast, was actually food from Perkins. Every once in a while they have days where proceeds from the day or evening go to 'Give Kids the World' which is a resort for Make*A*Wish kids and their families. It was an AMAZING place to be. This is a picture of the Gingerbread House on the wall of Perkins. They also sell teddy bears and have a donation jar near the front register as well. It's such a great place to donate to... it was seriously amazing to be able to go there. Thanks, Perkins!

Eden and Jaren watching cartoons. So sweet to see them cuddling!

Eden's cute new hair do. I LOVE the gals at Cost Cutters on Ansborough. They are always so nice to us and ask me how Ollie is doing every time I go in there. Thanks for making us feel special! Eden looks so sassy!! She said she didn't want to go straight home because she wanted people to see her new hair!

Uncle Bryan gave Ollie some pyrite or 'fool's gold'. I remember when I was a kid, when they'd re-gravel the roads in our trailer court, we'd go out and look through the rocks, finding small pieces of fool's gold. I remember I had a HUGE piece which looked really cool, but I buried it in a time capsule in a vacant lot next door and then someone moved a trailer onto the lot. Never saw it again!

Some of Ollie's art -- a muscle guy named Mike. I love the nipples and the 8 pack!

A kid and a friendly alien

A zombie?

Finny and Carson are cousins that are three months apart. We are so happy to have a cousin around for the kids to play with. This picture is so funny!

Carson and Finn peeking out the screen door. Finny LOVES going outside and any time someone heads for the porch he bolts like a flash of lightning to the front door and tries to sneak past them outside. We've been going for lots of walks in the evening and I've been pulling Jaren and Finny in their wagon while Ollie rides his scooter and Eden rides her bike.

Eden got a new bike and helmet this year and since Oliver can't ride a bike anymore due to his balance issues, we found a scooter with a wider board and two wheels on the front for better stability. It's nice to see them outside getting exercise and having fun.

Cute little stink!

Jaren and his 'horn' or 'owl ear'.

Finny loves to watch the live feed of the eagles in Decorah on the computer.


Shar said...

that flamingo is awesome! not that i'm surprised she's got a streak of artistic talent....

meghan said...

Eden's hair is so cute straight!!