Saturday, May 28, 2011

Camping and Renaissance Festival @ Amana Colonies

Memorial Day - May 2011

Oliver went camping with my brothers, Bryan and Chad for their first boys campout! He had a fun time chopping wood for the fire and taking pictures with his camera. We definitely need to go again this summer as a family.

Uncle Chad, Oliver, Uncle Bryan

While Ollie was gone on his boys campout the rest of us headed to the Amana Colonies near Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a Renaissance festival they had this weekend. We had fun walking around, looking at the booths, watching the shows, throwing axes and other dangerous objects and sampling some Medieval nachos! :O) It was a beautiful day to be out with the family and being an hour away from home, we even saw some familiar faces!

Queen Stacy and King Edward. I love Ed's face!

Princess Eden and the cross dressing Queen... ;o)

Loved this guys smeared lipstick... (second from left)

'The reindeer'!!!

Pirate Eden. "Aaaarrrrrrr, Mateys!"

Ed got one try to get this 'HE-MAN' axe into the stump. If he got it in, he got his dollar back. He got it in! I'm glad there was no blood involved in this feat!

Yeah... we let our 3 year old throw a few rusty axes...

Brothers, Jaren, age 3 and Finny, 17 months wrestling in the grass before the jousting event.

I can't remember this guy's name... Judas... maybe? He was the 'bad' guy during the jousting event.

Bear couldn't leave without a wooden sword. I think that makes our sword and saber count nearly 20 or so. There is always one at hand when they need it!

Sweet Finny boy

Channeling my inner Robin Hood. We had to buy a bow and arrow set when we got back into town. :O)

"'Twas a jolly good time had by all!"


meghan said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

I will be having a booth at the Renaissance Fair (first timer) next month. Your site came up in a Google search. As a mother of sons, my heart is touched by your family. I will be thinking of your Oliver as I create one of my items, and will name it after him.
Peace and love....Kat