Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun and Friends

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday night I stopped by my friend, Meghan's house after a softball game with Jaren and Ollie. It was nice to chat and watch her daughter, Isabella get down and wrestle with my boys that she hardly knows! Oliver of course wanted to hold Charley, who is 6 months old now. He loves babies! I can't wait for summer and have fun with friends!

Charley girl and Oliver

Jaren and Oliver wrestling, because what else would they be doing?? :O)

Is this comfy for you Jaren?

Oliver and Izzy

She's taken them both down! :O)

Friday, May 20, 2011

We went to the fun fair at my mom's school and it was inside due to the weather. The kids didn't get to do too much and were grumbling about too many people in the small spaces. So, we ate, went to the bake sale and got dessert for later in the evening and headed out to my friend, Meghan's house to visit with our friends from high school, actually most of us were friends in elementary as well as junior and senior high school. We met up a few years ago to go on a shopping girls day out, but we wanted to get together and bring our kids this time. It was fun to see them play together and it was crazy to see the resemblances of each parent in the kids faces. We are all at so many different parts of our lives right now, but we couldn't talk openly with little ears around. We will definitely have to get together again soon! I think we were talking about meeting up again at 'Live to 9' in Cedar Falls one of these Friday nights. I took the kids one year with Ed and sat with Meghan. The kids had a ball dancing while we all laughed! :O)

Oliver, getting ready to sweep...??

Brianna, Mindy's daughter

Jacob, Eden and Oliver playing

Isabella and Finny

A familiar sight... Jaren's booty.

Thanks, Meg, for a wonderful dinner and time with friends! My house is always open as well. It was too bad that it rained, but I guess it didn't keep most of the kids away from the puddles and damp grass. They were swinging and playing soccer outside while we chatted at the dinner table. Ahhhh... memories of younger days.... :O)

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