Sunday, May 8, 2011

Family Cancer Camp

Friday, April 29, 2011


We attended the Children's Cancer Connection family camp this year for the first time at the Y-Camp in Boone, Iowa. In years past they said there were only about 5 or 6 families in attendance. This year there were 15 families! At check in, we received a bag with shirts for everyone and were given a tour of our cabin and the campground. We got an itinerary sheet and were excited to start camp! We brought the whole family this time so we had a stroller as well as a wheelchair for Oliver. There was a lot of walking throughout the camp to get where you needed to be. The theme for camp this year was 'You've Got a Friend in Me' from Toy Story so our cabin was 'Hamm's Pig Pen' ... how fitting... just like home! ;o) There were several bunk beds in each cabin and we were lucky enough to be one that had a restroom in the cabin we were in. We set up the playpen for Finny and got sleeping bags laid on each carefully chosen bunk. Then we headed out to the stage area for an introduction to camp and family introductions followed by some camp songs. I pretty much just chased Finny and Jaren, making sure they didn't tumble down the bank into the river. After singing time, we walked up to the cabin area to a bonfire and the kids had s'mores and apple juice. Ed took Finny and Jaren back to the cabin and I stayed out with Oliver and Eden for a bit. We then headed back to the cabin where Eden started to write in her journal, Oliver grabbed a coloring book and Jaren got a breathing treatment on the nebulizer. Time for bed... with bugs. I know that I shook at least one bug off my arm in the night. CREEPY! Ed said he was attacked throughout the night as well.

"Goodnight, don't let the bedbugs bite!"


We woke up bright and early for the days activities to start. First we went to breakfast at the common eating area and had some french toast and sausage links. First - Tie dying t-shirts and aprons that I brought from home. Eden really got into this and made the best swirl design! We'll have to try this at home sometime. After that the kids made home made ice cream in baggies. They even had sprinkles. Finny loved having Oliver feed him this tasty goodness! After that the kids played soccer and frisbee while waiting for the next activity, which was riflery. Oliver was really looking forward to this. We donned our goggles and were given a short lesson on how to handle and load the guns. We each got three shots and then it was on to the next person. I think Oliver went three separate times!! He loves that kind of stuff so I'm glad that was earlier in the day.




We only did the first three things and I was spent. I've been dealing with health problems for the last several years and recently have been in constant pain all over my body for the past two months. On top of a kidney disease (constant kidney stones), parathyroid problems, arthritis in my SI joint (lower back), bulging discs and a foot problem, this pain has left me miserable. I wanted to go to camp and try to forget my pain, but all the walking proved to be too much for me. We stayed until after riflery, which was the top thing Ollie wanted to do. I felt so bad, but what do you do? He didn't want to do the zip line or horse riding, which he would be the only child that could do it, since he was the only one 9 or older. We missed out on a craft, campfire cobbler and pony rides. I wish we could have stayed because it turned out to be a gorgeous day. I really hope my doctors can find what is wrong. I think it may be rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia. Who knows. I'm in pain and I want relief. BLAH... anyways. We had fun while we were there and are grateful for those that put it on and volunteer to make it happen! :O)


meghan said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Amy said...

I happened on your site googling YW camp ideas with a Toy Story theme. I was so touched by it. May God bless your beautiful family. Yes, families are forever!
Thank you for sharing, Amy