Friday, January 27, 2012

DIPG Kids - ANGEL Ashlyn

Ashlyn Breanna Poole
Forever 21
7/31/90 - 1/23/12

One of Ollie's original works of art!

Please continue to pray for the other children battling as well as the families that have recently lost their children. A sweet young woman that I've been following passed away on the 23rd. Ashlyn Poole was 21 years old, from Virginia and had a cat named, Oliver. Of course I felt an instant connection to her! Oliver even drew a picture of her cat for her on her birthday which is in July as well. Her mom said that she had it sitting up on her dresser so she could always see it. They ordered a Team Ollie t-shirt that she proudly wore to her check ups. She seemed like such a sweet and loving young woman. I would have liked to have met her and her family. Please pray for her family, her boyfriend and all that loved her. I know it is a devastating loss for them all.

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MusicGirl23 said...

This one hit very close to home, as she was almost EXACTLY the same age I am. I have a friend who recently completed radiation treatment for a brainstem tumour as well (a grade one tumour, but one that was not exactly behaving in a grade-one tumour way, meaning that it was growing more quickly than it should have). Not sure yet how much, or if it did help. Cancer is horrible, no other way to put it...