Friday, January 27, 2012

DIPG Kids - Sweet Valentina

Age: 5
New York
Diagnosed on 7/21/11 at 4 1/2 yrs old.

Valentina Bravin's caring bridge site

This was taken from their most recent blog post about Valentina's health...

"Unfortunately, this most recent MRI report of 1/12 indicates disease progression as well as spreading into the cervical spinal cord and other local areas of the brain and auditory canal. Not at all what we expected to hear. Talk about being blindsided..."

is a term that no parent wants to hear with regards to cancer. It means that the tumor is growing and usually growing rapidly. With DIPG... progression usually means there is nothing much more they can do for your child. The 'grasping at straws' portion of the journey. Whenever I hear of another child going through the different stages of the journey it really makes my heart stop. I can put myself in their shoes and can understand what they are going through at times, while other times, I can only imagine what lies ahead for Oliver.

Please keep Valentina and her family in your prayers. We ALL need something to hold us up and gift us strength to deal with so many things on a daily basis.


Carrie said...

I just don't understand why there isn't more studies and research done. It just blows my mind when I hear after child after child with DIPG and other cancer's. It makes me so sick to my stomach, so I can't begin to imagine how you feel as well as the other families. Oliver is in my prayers always and I keep the other families in my prayers too. You shouldn't have to be going through this. No parent should have to be going through this.

Anonymous said...

Valentina is very dear to my heart.thank you for posting about are an inspiration for all of us mothers who think we "can't handle" a regular stressful kid filled day.your days are more stressful than anyone can ever or should ever have to imagine as a mom. God Bless you,ollie,and your beautiful family!! Sending love from long island ny