Friday, January 13, 2012

Post Christmas Gingerbread Houses and other January Randoms

January 2012

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to the family that donated their table and chairs to us. We've never had a new table or chairs. Our first table was given to us by a church friend and we bought some slightly mismatched and scratched chairs for it at a going out of business sale. Throughout our nearly 12 years of marriage we've had to say goodbye to several of our chairs. Many slow motion falls have happened throughout the years resulting an a pile of wooden rubble beneath our not so skinny behinds. So for a family of six, down to three chairs, we've been using upside down laundry baskets and Oliver's shower chair for our family dinners and the like. A wonderful stranger heard of our need and gladly gave us her table and six chairs. Bringing to mind a line from the movie Robots 'See a need... Fill a need'. I'm in love with the table already because it has a leaf in it and is so much bigger than our other one. We do so much at our kitchen table that I am thrilled to have gotten it. It will be in good hands... well... crafty hands. It will be well used. :O) So... here are some pictures of us actually making Gingerbread Houses... er... Graham cracker... er... candy houses! I don't have the patience or time to make my own gingerbread so graham crackers it is! ENJOY!!!

We invited Ed's brother, Danny and his wife, Jamie over with their little ones.

I dyed the 'glue' pink this year. Eden getting ready to add some goodies!

Oliver putting his house together with dad.

Someone sent Oliver this awesome Cubs shirt with his name on the back!

Laughing at his house. Not sure if he liked it or not. I'm sure Ed was probably making fun of his own building skills.

Daddy helping Finny with our house.

"Yes, Finn... please wipe that frosting right on your jammies... go ahead."

Mine and Finny's finished house. I think he's saying "CHEESE!"

Eden would do a nice smiling pic for me so here she is in all her geeked out glory!

Carson, age 2, Jamie, Phineas, age 2

Kaylee and Daddy's house looks like it was condemned... hence the boo hoo look on Danny's face!

Darling pic of my nephew, Carson, who is 3 months older than my Phineas.

Ed showing us all the sweet houses. And no... we do NOT eat the candy off the houses.

The boys all fell asleep together on Ollie's bed in the living room. I love how Jaren's hand is ALWAYS in his pants...

Oliver sitting at the table drawing in a Harry Potter sketchpad I got him for Christmas.

Playing with play dough. Making pizzas.

A nice balloon bouquet someone sent Oliver.

Finn trying to do some pull ups with Daddy.

"Show me your muscles, Finny!!!"

Brotherly love...

Going for a walk with the boys on a beautiful, sunny January day where there is no snow on the ground or in the skies. Craziness.

This is what a glasses thief looks like. I LOVE his face in this picture!

Thursday, January 5th

Tonight Oliver ate dinner and then complained of some stomach pain. He went to the restroom and had a bowel movement, but we didn't know if it was impacted bowels, kidney stones or his appendix or what it was. We called Hospice, but I just wanted to get him to the ER immediately because you could tell that he was experiencing a lot of pain and the children's dose of Tylenol wasn't doing much to help. So Ed and I drove him to the ER where we waited in the waiting room at least 15 to 20 minutes watching him writhe and groan in pain. We held his hands, held a wet towel on his head and sang him some songs to try and help him get through the pain until they could get him in a room and see him. We got him into a room and they did blood work and vitals and such and then he had a CT scan to check for what was possibly causing his pain. After a bit, his pain went away with no meds and the doctor came in later and said that he's full of crap. They said it was impacted bowels, gave us a laxative drink to get into him and told us to take cover because it can go through ya fast! Anyways... I'll leave the nasty stuff out... he feels much better now. I can't hardly stand watching him in pain. When I was singing to him I couldn't hardly get through some of the words without choking up. I'm going to need a lot more strength to be able to deal with all the things that are lying ahead.



Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! looks like everyone had fun building graham cracker houses! I'm also all smiles looking at the cubs t-shirt. Turned out nice.

-Friend from a far but close in heart!

meghan said...

Glad they got it figured out. I pray for you guys every night. I pray for no pain for that sweet little man. You guys are always in our thoughts.

meghan said...

Your gingerbread houses came out cute. Be careful with that pull up bar. We had the same one. It slipped and Garran went through the wall. :0)

Anonymous said...

Of SsDearest Palmer Family-

I want you to know I check your blog at least 5 times a day... my heart is literally in knots for you. My sweet Dylan has been gone for 6 months. It is so hard. But we are still here. And we are happy- It is going to be so tough and you won't think you can make it. But you can! We only had to deal with the knowledge of what Dylan had for 4 months, I can't imagine two years of it- You might need someone to talk to or you might not want to. I just want you to know that I am here and willing... My prayers continue to be sent in your direction and pray for Oliver to be without pain. I am so sorry you have go through this. Best of luck (if that's possible) and you are amazing-

Mandy Shaw

MHefelKramer said...

Still praying for you all, and thinking of you EVERY day!! Would still love to do that portrait drawing of Ollie as well!! My family send their love and prayers!! Stay strong Ollie!! We love you!

Kori Boutte said...

Constant prayers and thoughts!!! We sent sweet Oliver a Christmas Card & I will be writing again soon. It is so nice to see smiles on everyone's faces, especially his. My heart goes out to you and your family and dearest Ollie, I cannot imagine what that beautiful boy is going through, but I shall continue to pray for eternal peace, healing, & understanding. Thinking of you all always. Much love & many hugs to each of you <3

Anonymous said...

Ollie, Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I love the gingerbread houses. Bet they were so much fun to make!
Peace and Love,
Granny W.

Jenny said...

I pray for your family every day. I hope that Ollie is feeling no pain and that you all can find the strength to get through this. Keep up your faith in God. I worry about Ollie being scared. I'm sure it's unavoidable. I remember when my dad died, the priest talking about how those in Heaven don't miss those who are on Earth. Time is different there. Our priest said that for those in Heaven, decades are like seconds because they are living in eternity. That makes me feel better, knowing that my dad can't miss me and that I'll be with him in a blink of his eye.