Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July Celebration

July 3, 2010 - We celebrated the 4th at my Dad's house in Waterloo. Ollie was asked to help with the fireworks display in the back yard this year. How cool is that?! We all had a good time playing games, swimming, grilling and watching the fireworks!

*Baseball, Football, Horseshoes*

Playing catch with Grandpa Boardsen

Oliver and Kaj

Jaren and Grandpa playing football

Oliver playing horseshoes

LOVE this face!

Oliver and his little brother, Jare Bear

*Setting up the fireworks*

Andy and Ollie

LOVE those dimples!





I hardly have any other pics of Eden from today because she was in the pool
THE WHOLE TIME!!! My little fishy!

Sweet Mr. Finny

Ready for the fireworks. BRING IT ON!


Jaren and Remy wrestling downstairs

"Ta-da... nipples!" - Ollie used to say this when he was two years old! ;o)

*Lighting up the sky*

Oliver looking studly as always

VIDEO: You can see Ollie a little on the bottom right hand corner with only his swimming trunks on. He's running the switchboard for the fireworks!

Ollie and Andy. Thanks, Andy, for letting him help you with this! What a fun night!!!

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