Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 2010 - Petting Zoo with Bry and Gram

Today my mom and brother, Bryan, joined us for a day of fun outside. First we went to the arboretum and then we happened upon the petting zoo. The kids were so excited to see the animals and get to feed them. Lots of animals were pretty tame and the kids could get close to them without the animal running away. I can tell the kiddos had fun. I LOVE looking back through my pictures to see all the smiles on everyone's faces... even on some of the animal's faces!!

Ollie laughing at all the rabbits he's trying to feed with a single carrot!

Eden feeding a cute bunny.

Jaren holding a kitty cat. Later on he'll be having a date with his nebulizer for a breathing treatment. Oh, but these kids love animals despite their crazy allergies!

"What's up Shrek?!"

Love Eden backing away from the unpredictable llama!

I LOVE llama grins!!!

"What are ya eatin'?!"

Follow the leader........

Ollie feeding this bunny. He was so calm and sweet.

Bear feeding the bunny.

The kids LOVED getting to be so close to the rabbits!

Love the depth in Finny's eyes. I wonder what he's thinkin' about!

Mom and Jare Bear

Finny and Bear

Ollie getting tired of walking so he hopped on Uncle Bry's back for a ride!

Uncle Bryan and Phineas

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Shar said...

those pictures are SOOOOO adorable! love them!