Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ed's Family Reunion/Jaren & Ed's Birthdays

June 18 - 23, 2010

This is what the weather was like when most of the family arrived. Yes... there were tornado watches all around the area!

We met up with family at the hotel on Friday evening.
Jaren and his BFF, Brittan! The last time they were here (Thanksgiving) he was so attached to her and asked about her for weeks after she went back home!

Oliver and Brittan


Picnic at the park... Derek and Finny

Natalie and Eden

Gabe, Brittan and Jaren

Trying to get the ball out of the tree...

Playing catch with the football.

Finny and Uncle Eric

Brittan and Jaren... of course!

Janene and Carina

The family


Ed's youngest brother, Danny, his wife, Jamie and Carson.

Playin' ball

Eden, Rachel and Natalie


Playing "Just Dance" on the Wii with Uncle Danny


Dad and Ollie


Derek and Eden blowing bubbles.

Carina, Gabe and

Jaren, Ollie and Gabe wrestling.

Derek, Lydia and Jaren



BOTH babies crying! I LOVE this pictures! Their cousins were GREAT with them!

Gabe tending to Finn during the grandkid photo.

Brittan and Jaren... yet again!


Ed and I at the couples date night at Tokyo.


At the hotel.

June 22, 2010 -- Jaren's 3rd Birthday! We were so busy with other things we didn't give him a proper birthday. He doesn't eat cake or ice cream anyhow! At least when you are three you don't remember! WE LOVE YOU, BEAR!!!

Look at that sweet face!

Aunt Janene, Jaren, Ed and Finn



We went out to celebrate Ed's birthday with just our little family and had some pizza. We had some cake and ice cream when we got home.

Jaren looks like he's in pain in this one!

Jaren - 3

Eden - 7

Oliver - 8

Ed and the birthday hat!!! :O)

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