Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Braves Baseball - Game 3 - Ollie's final game


This was Oliver's third and final game. He just felt like he couldn't play well anymore. I was SO PROUD of him for getting out there and trying. It's not easy to go out and play when you can't throw with your dominant hand, still stumble a bit when you run, are weaker on one side and can only see from one eye. HE DID GREAT!!! WE LOVE YOU, BUD!!!!

Ollie's fans!!!

#3 - Oliver

Oliver and Doug, one of his coaches!

Loved seeing so many "8's"! :O)

Eden, Natalie and Rachel

Ollie up to bat.

Oliver sliding into home plate. AWESOME!!!

Always bringin' up the rear! Oliver - #3

He looks so tired here...

Ollie, Uncle Danny, Aunt Jamie and cousin, Carson.

Cousin Natalie, Ollie, Uncle Jared and cousin, Aubrey.

Again... we were so proud of Oliver for playing this season, even if it was only three games. I know that he felt like he was letting his team down because of his decreased abilities, but I know that it was an inspiration to MANY people to see him play despite his weaknesses. I know that I am in AWE of him in so many ways... this was just one of those times! :O)

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